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Thursday, November 25, 2004
From: cat
Date: Thu Nov 25, 2004 3:40 pm
Subject: Re: new to group
Hey Magic,

Write more about yourself. I think it would give you a better sense
of reality about yourself. That way when you keep running into those
social conservatives that say you get what you deserve you'll be
better able to walk on by and know they don't have the slightest
clue. John Denver said,"Life ain't nuthin' but a funny, funny
riddle." and yours is weirder than most. Finding some way to give it
some meaning is going to be more than a little challenge. You've
already lived quite a lot. Build on that. Be proud of it. I'm proud
of you, and I hardly know you. There's hope out there. Just reading
your letter has given me


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From: cat
Date: Thu Nov 25, 2004 3:15 pm
Subject: Re: Hi. my name is Birdie. I'm new... :)

Feeling your desire to deal with the negative makes me want to
respond to your post too. I can picture your situation and in doing
so somehow it helps me come to terms with my own. What makes us
tick will always be a mystery until these computers run our lives.
So being engaged is the best we can do, and putting our best foot
forward is the simplest way to do it. Wish that we could be all
things to all people, or sometimes even something to anyone. I don't
know if you have transiet pychoses , but they can put a crimp in a
relationship. I know I have a long list of resentments of people I
feel are responsible for making me the nutcase I turn into
occasionally. It's pretty hard for me then to turn around then and
not understand when someone shuns me for my past behavior. It's easy
for me now as I enjoy the pespective of the current moment. It
disappears in a flash however when things get


Wednesday, November 24, 2004 - Business: Economic `Armageddon' predicted: "Roach marshalled alarming facts to support his argument.

To finance its current account deficit with the rest of the world, he said, America has to import $2.6 billion in cash. Every working day.

That is an amazing 80 percent of the entire world's net savings.

Sustainable? Hardly.

Meanwhile, he notes that household debt is at record levels.

Twenty years ago the total debt of U.S. households was equal to half the size of the economy.

Today the figure is 85 percent. "

Smart people downtown agree with much of the analysis. It is undeniable that America is living in a ``debt bubble'' of record proportions.

But they argue there may be an alternative scenario to Roach's. Greenspan might instead deliberately allow the dollar to slump and inflation to rise, whittling away at the value of today's consumer debts in real terms.

Inflation of 7 percent a year halves ``real'' values in a decade.

It may be the only way out of the trap.

Higher interest rates, or higher inflation: Either way, the biggest losers will be long-term lenders at fixed interest rates.

You wouldn't want to hold 30-year Treasuries, which today yield just 4.83 percent.

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