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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Top Stories: "Puke on Bush and Rummy...
by: foo_fighter007 05/13/04 07:22 pm
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thats what I feel like doing every time I see them"

Has a President been more despised?
by: cat00012000 05/13/04 07:27 pm
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I doubt it

by: willneverforget00 05/13/04 07:28 pm
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Who made up a lie and sent Americans to Iraq to be killed and beheaded for those lies?

What is the name of the guy that did that?

700+ U.S. Servicemen killed for nothing
by: yabutte (48/M/Issaquah, WA) 05/13/04 07:28 pm
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Other than to satisfy the ego of Bush and profits for Halliburton.
This is insanity and an affront to the civility of our great country.

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