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Thursday, November 25, 2004
From: cat
Date: Thu Nov 25, 2004 3:40 pm
Subject: Re: new to group
Hey Magic,

Write more about yourself. I think it would give you a better sense
of reality about yourself. That way when you keep running into those
social conservatives that say you get what you deserve you'll be
better able to walk on by and know they don't have the slightest
clue. John Denver said,"Life ain't nuthin' but a funny, funny
riddle." and yours is weirder than most. Finding some way to give it
some meaning is going to be more than a little challenge. You've
already lived quite a lot. Build on that. Be proud of it. I'm proud
of you, and I hardly know you. There's hope out there. Just reading
your letter has given me


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Yahoo! Groups : bpd-supportgroup Post
From: cat
Date: Thu Nov 25, 2004 3:15 pm
Subject: Re: Hi. my name is Birdie. I'm new... :)

Feeling your desire to deal with the negative makes me want to
respond to your post too. I can picture your situation and in doing
so somehow it helps me come to terms with my own. What makes us
tick will always be a mystery until these computers run our lives.
So being engaged is the best we can do, and putting our best foot
forward is the simplest way to do it. Wish that we could be all
things to all people, or sometimes even something to anyone. I don't
know if you have transiet pychoses , but they can put a crimp in a
relationship. I know I have a long list of resentments of people I
feel are responsible for making me the nutcase I turn into
occasionally. It's pretty hard for me then to turn around then and
not understand when someone shuns me for my past behavior. It's easy
for me now as I enjoy the pespective of the current moment. It
disappears in a flash however when things get


Wednesday, November 24, 2004 - Business: Economic `Armageddon' predicted: "Roach marshalled alarming facts to support his argument.

To finance its current account deficit with the rest of the world, he said, America has to import $2.6 billion in cash. Every working day.

That is an amazing 80 percent of the entire world's net savings.

Sustainable? Hardly.

Meanwhile, he notes that household debt is at record levels.

Twenty years ago the total debt of U.S. households was equal to half the size of the economy.

Today the figure is 85 percent. "

Smart people downtown agree with much of the analysis. It is undeniable that America is living in a ``debt bubble'' of record proportions.

But they argue there may be an alternative scenario to Roach's. Greenspan might instead deliberately allow the dollar to slump and inflation to rise, whittling away at the value of today's consumer debts in real terms.

Inflation of 7 percent a year halves ``real'' values in a decade.

It may be the only way out of the trap.

Higher interest rates, or higher inflation: Either way, the biggest losers will be long-term lenders at fixed interest rates.

You wouldn't want to hold 30-year Treasuries, which today yield just 4.83 percent.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Encyclopedia - Yahoo! Reference: "In theory dialectical materialism is meant to provide both a general world view and a specific method for the investigation of scientific problems. The basic tenets are that everything is material and that change takes place through 'the struggle of opposites.' Because everything contains different elements that are in opposition, 'self-movement' automatically occurs; the conflict of opposing forces leads to growth, change, and development, according to definite laws. Communist scientists were expected to fit their investigations into this pattern, and official approval of scientific theories in the USSR was determined to some extent by their conformity to dialectical materialism (see Lysenko, Trofim Denisovich). Use of these principles in history and sociology is sometimes called historical materialism. Under these doctrines the social, political, and intellectual life of society reflect only the economic structure, since human beings create the forms of social life solely in response to economic needs. Men are divided into classes by their relations to the means of production�land and capital. The class that controls the means of production inevitably exploits the other classes in society; it is this class struggle that produces the dynamic of history and is the source of progress toward a final uniformity. Historical materialism is deterministic; that is, it prescribes that history inevitably follows certain laws and that individuals have little or no influence on its development. Central to historical materialism is the belief that change takes place through the meeting of two opposing forces (thesis and antithesis); their opposition is resolved by combination produced by a higher force (synthesis). Historical materialism has had many advocates outside the Communist world"
Encyclopedia - Yahoo! Reference: "In theory dialectical materialism is meant to provide both a general world view and a specific method for the investigation of scientific problems. The basic tenets are that everything is material and that change takes place through 'the struggle of opposites.' Because everything contains different elements that are in opposition, 'self-movement' automatically occurs; the conflict of opposing forces leads to growth, change, and development, according to definite laws. Communist scientists were expected to fit their investigations into this pattern, and official approval of scientific theories in the USSR was determined to some extent by their conformity to dialectical materialism (see Lysenko, Trofim Denisovich). Use of these principles in history and sociology is sometimes called historical materialism. Under these doctrines the social, political, and intellectual life of society reflect only the economic structure, since human beings create the forms of social life solely in response to economic needs. Men are divided into classes by their relations to the means of production�land and capital. The class that controls the means of production inevitably exploits the other classes in society; it is this class struggle that produces the dynamic of history and is the source of progress toward a final uniformity. Historical materialism is deterministic; that is, it prescribes that history inevitably follows certain laws and that individuals have little or no influence on its development. Central to historical materialism is the belief that change takes place through the meeting of two opposing forces (thesis and antithesis); their opposition is resolved by combination produced by a higher force (synthesis). Historical materialism has had many advocates outside the Communist world"

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Bush Out (by Gandhi): "Expect The Worst

The Atlantic Online takes a long, hard look at Karl Rove:
'If this year stays true to past form, the campaign will get nastier in the closing weeks, and without anyone's quite registering it, Rove will be right back in his element. He seems to understand - indeed, to count on - the media's unwillingness or inability, whether from squeamishness, laziness, or professional caution, ever to give a full estimate of him or his work. It is ultimately not just Rove's skill but his character that allows him to perform on an entirely different plane. Along with remarkable strategic skills, he has both an understanding of the media's unstated self-limitations and a willingness to fight in territory where conscience forbids most others.

Rove isn't bracing for a close race. He's depending on it.'"
Bush Out (by Gandhi): "Expect The Worst

The Atlantic Online takes a long, hard look at Karl Rove:
'If this year stays true to past form, the campaign will get nastier in the closing weeks, and without anyone's quite registering it, Rove will be right back in his element. He seems to understand - indeed, to count on - the media's unwillingness or inability, whether from squeamishness, laziness, or professional caution, ever to give a full estimate of him or his work. It is ultimately not just Rove's skill but his character that allows him to perform on an entirely different plane. Along with remarkable strategic skills, he has both an understanding of the media's unstated self-limitations and a willingness to fight in territory where conscience forbids most others.

Rove isn't bracing for a close race. He's depending on it.'"
Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Americans' distrust of politicians and business leaders has reached an 'epidemic' level, driven by the Iraq war, the disputed 2000 presidential election and financial scandals, a Reuters/DecisionQuest poll revealed on Wednesday.


This could have been a real election "

by: cat00012000 09/29/04 05:15 pm
Msg: 1610 of 1610

no matter who gets elected

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Yahoo! Groups : bpd-supportgroup Post Message: ":
From: cat
Date: Tue Sep 21, 2004 9:34 pm
Subject: Re: intro/Lesley
I am so proud of all the people whose letters I've read that have
spoke the truth about their therapists. I'm not recomending any
course of action. I'm just glad you have a forum to speak out in and
the courage to do so. When I used to be able to sneak a peak at my
medical records I always saw the term, ego deficit, used a lot. It is
easier for me to live the life of a hermit than to deal with my fear
of abandonment. Realize that therapists are just getting their feet
wet in
learning how to deal with this disorder. Sure they could be better,
but a lot is just going to have to be done just by relying on each
other. Keep the faith.
--- In, 'free_ly_ming'
> Gosh. What courage you have "

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "IT'S BUSH'S CHARACTER, STUPID!
by: cat00012000 09/18/04 10:29 pm
Msg: 1179 of 1179

This election is about who is going to make decisions for this country for the next four years. Bush attacked Kerry's character. Is Kerry too timid to attack Bush's? Why has Bush made so many bad decisions? Should we expect him to continue to do so? I certainly do"
Yahoo! Mail - "
Subject:It's Bush's Character, Stupid!
Date:Sat, 18 Sep 2004 21:01:26 -0500

It's time to make Bush's character the issue. It's the reason he has made one bad decision after another and will continue to do so. Light a fire under Kerry. Make him see the light"
'Conservative' World Order? ( " Conservatism teaches us useful things: an appreciation of tradition, family and religion; a wariness of great big plans to improve the world; and an attentiveness to the unintended consequences of well-intended actions"The idea that our country had the capacity to transform Iraq into a thriving democracy was always a reach. But if we were going to make this enormous effort, the conservative thing to do was to assume from the beginning that it would be hard
DNC: Kicking Ass - Open Thread 9/18: "It just seems to me from talking to others that the swiftboat ads took the steam out of John Kerry's campaign. These ads effectively made Kerry's character the issue. Kerry needs to rebutt this tactic by making George Bush's character the issue. Why has George Bush made the terrible choices that he has? People are saying Kerry lacks the meaness to stand up to Bush. Kerry needs to attack where it counts - at Bush's soul. Is Kerry another Dukakis? Are we going to give this election away? We have to call a spade a spade. Stand up and fight!"
Outdoor Power Equipment: Product evolution in OPE market: "Product evolution in OPE market
Outdoor Power Equipment, Feb, 2002 by Ron Willis

Lawns became popular in French formal gardens in the 1700s and then were copied in England. The English version of the garden was usually larger than the French version and required more maintenance. The first gardens were maintained by grazing animals or with a sickle or scythe.
In 1830, Edwin Budding, an English engineer and inventor, created the first lawn mower. Budding's lawn mower was very similar to the reel-type push mowers that were popular in the United States in the early part of the 20th century. The 1900 Sears catalog offered a 14-inch-cut reel mower for the sum of $3.40. For an additional $.30, you could move up to a 15-inch-cut model. The 20-inch-cut model, the largest available, could be bought for $4.50. The mowers had reels with four blades, were manufactured by the Acme Mower Company, and looked amazingly like Budding's original mower.
The lawn mower changed dramatically in 1940 when Leonard Goodall invented the rotary power mower. This new device transformed lawn mowing forever. The direction of the industry immediately changed from manually powered devices to engine-powered devices. The accepted mower moved from the reel to the rotary. As engines became lighter, more efficient, and more reliable, we began to see products that not only had the cutting mechanism engine powered but the method of propulsion, too. Soon the operator no longer had to walk behind, but could ride.
The industry continues to show the rapid evolution of product design that has been characteristic since its beginning. The one thing that has been fairly constant over the past 25 years has been the number of walk-behind rotary mowers sold. That number is typically around 5,000,000 un"
Yahoo! Groups : bordertown_dbt Join This Group: "I am a 53 year old divorced white male on disability with bipolar disorder & borderline personality disorder. I am trying to understand myself better and become more productive. I am a member of other email lists and find them helpful. I am trying to come to terms with my life and where I go from here. I think sharing with others would help me do that. "

Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Smirking Chimp: "On 2004-09-05 14:28, miffy wrote:
I don't like to fault Xtians for being political because from early childhood my own religious orientation was extremely political. I was raised Unitarian and for the years that my family attended the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Detroit it was ALL politics all the time--civil rights, feminism, anti-Vietnam War activism, anti-nukes, environmentalism. Our minister, Rev. Anthony Perrino, was a local hero for having gone to jail for referring a parishoner to a doctor who'd give her a safe a pre-Roe V. Wade abortion. We sang songs about feeding the poor children of the world and performed pro-peace skits and trick-or-treated for UNICEF. And nobody in this world can tell me it was wrong of us to mix religion and politics. So be fair, dudes.

You're confusing politics with resistance. If your parish minister was truly mixing religion with politics then he wouldn't have been put in jail. There's nothing wrong with churches taking position as advocates on social issues. There's something seriously wrong when it decides to make itself a handmaid to a political power structure to advance its ideology and make that ideology the law of the land. "
The Smirking Chimp: "17 of 17. CC1 | Member 8093, Joined Sep 05, 2002 | 89 posts

Posted: 2004-09-09 22:26
I would make a point of how Bush's character leads him to make bad decisions. This would be especially appropriate the next time Bush uses a really cheap shot on Kerry which he will undoubtedly do again since they have worked so well up till now.

'No, something can be done,' Atta replied. 'There are ways. The U.S.A. is not omnipotent.'
If we can't do it with love in our hearts and a smile on our faces then we don't have any right to do it at all. We're suppose to be some kind of different. Stills

Monday, August 30, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "IT'S 1988 ALL OVER AGAIN"

Nobody wanted to run against Bush. Gephardt, Dean, Edwards and Kerry, not exactly the pick of the litter. Now we're faced with four more years of this weasel. It sure would be nice if someone could light a fire under Kerry. He could still pull this out. A personality transplant would help. If Bush does win in four years it will probably be McCain against Clinton. Why couldn't it be that right now? Four more years of Bush will weaken this country considerably. They say there's two sides to everything, however, and especially in politics. The United States has probably been the most powerful nation in the world since before world war II, and we have all seen the ways power corrupts"

Thursday, August 26, 2004

MSNBC - The slacker's new bible: "You are a modern day slave. There is no scope for personal fulfilment. You work for your pay-check at the end of the month, full stop.
No. 2It's pointless to try to change the system. Opposing it simply makes it stronger.
No. 3What you do is pointless. You can be replaced from one day to the next by any cretin sitting next to you. So work as little as possible and spend time (not too much, if you can help it) cultivating your personal network so that you're untouchable when the next restructuring comes around.
No. 4You're not judged on merit, but on whether you look and sound the part. Speak lots of leaden jargon: people will suspect you have an inside track
No. 5Never accept a position of responsibility for any reason. You'll only have to work harder for what amounts to peanuts.
No. 6Make a beeline for the most useless positions, (research, strategy and business development), where it is impossible to assess your 'contribution to the wealth of the firm'. Avoid 'on the ground' operational roles like the plague.
No. 7Once you've found one of these plum jobs, never move. It is only the most exposed who get fired.
No. 8Learn to identify kindred spirits who, like you, believe the system is absurd through discreet signs (quirks in clothing, peculiar jokes, warm smiles).
No. 9Be nice to people on short-term contracts. They are the only people who do any real work.
No. 10Tell yourself that the absurd ideology underpinning this corporate bullshit cannot last for ever. It will go the same way as the dialectical materialism of the communist system. The problem is knowning when..." - Internet machine shop offers custom tooling - Aug 26, 2004: " It's the Internet Revolution meets the Industrial Revolution: a new program that lets people design 3-D objects like car parts and door knobs in metal or plastic then order them online.
Programs for computer-aided design, or CAD, have been around for decades, but appears to be the first service that checks whether a design can be made, tells the customer how much it will cost. If the customer wants the item the design goes to a 'real world' machine shop for manufacturing.
The key to this enterprise is free design software provided by eMachineShop that aims to be simple enough for hobbyists and other non-engineers.
Prices won't be competitive with Wal-Mart, but Wal-Mart won't make ten copper door knobs, then sandblast them for you. EmachineShop charges $143 for that.
The company was created by Jim Lewis, a programmer and self-professed 'tinkerer.' One previous credit: 'the world's hardest sliding block puzzle.'
Lewis' software company, Micrologic, designed eMachineShop and contracts with machine shops all over the world to do the manufacturing.
Even though the Midland Park, New Jersey, company, which has 19 employees, doesn't advertise, it has handled more than 1,000 orders for things like door signs, motorcycle seats, robot frames, car engine covers, guitar plates and camera parts.
The most expensive item it's sold since it began beta testing last year is a $4,011 aluminum, 26-inch diameter part for a high-powered laboratory magnet.
The customers range from large companies that make prototypes to hobbyists including Dennis J. Vegh of Mesa, Arizona, who had the company make metal parts for an airplane he's building after a 1929 design.
'I had to have the pie"

The customers range from large companies that make prototypes to hobbyists including Dennis J. Vegh of Mesa, Arizona, who had the company make metal parts for an airplane he's building after a 1929 design.

"I had to have the pieces made because they do not exist anywhere," Vegh said.

He found the software quick and easy to use. The quality of the finishing has varied a bit between orders, but has been acceptable, he said.

"Being able to sit at you home computer, draw up some parts, submit them and 30 days later they are on your doorstep, all without human contact, is mind-blowing," Vegh says.

Merging design and manufacturing provides software that companies can use to design machine parts on a computer and have them manufactured.
Lewis, the company founder, estimates that with conventional methods, it takes about 40 hours to design a part, get a quote, straighten out manufacturing problems with the machine shop and put the order in.

Taylan Altan, professor at the College of Engineering at Ohio State University, agrees, saying the process can easily drag out to two weeks.

"One of the biggest problems we have today in American design and manufacturing is that designers know very little about manufacturing," he says.

As a result, designers draw parts that are hard to make and require several rounds of modification before they can be put in production, a problem eMachineShop aims to avoid by building the knowledge of a machinist into the design software.

For instance, if you're designing a part made of sheet metal, it won't allow you to include a bend too close to an edge -- the machinist needs enough surface to hold on to when bending.

Lewis is also working on Pad2Pad, an application that makes electronics. Manufacturers of printed circuit boards, like, are already online but Lewis aims to take the concept one step further by also attaching components like resistors, capacitors and chips to the boards.

Pad2Pad is taking orders, but is "a couple of years behind eMachineShop" in its development, Lewis says. One problem is stocking the components customers want.

Lewis also wants into branch into what is perhaps the least sexy segment of manufacturing: making cardboard boxes for packaging.

"My dream is essentially to become the Amazon in the manufacturing segment," Lewis says. - The screen-age: Our brains in our laptops - Aug 2, 2004: "McLuhan believed our senses become extended outside of our bodies. He suggested that a book was an extension of your eye and a car, an extension of your foot. He would say the Internet is an extension of our central nervous systems.
If we think of ourselves as somehow projected outside our bodies, one's sense of self becomes increasingly fragmented. My math brain lives partly inside a calculator.
My consciousness isn't just split between gray matter and a hard drive or two. Now part of it lives on the Internet and seems to stay there all the time. While I may feel a bit diffuse, mostly I observe changes in what McLuhan called our 'sense ratios,' like a goldfish changing from one kind of aquarium to another. We adapt. We gain some things, lose others."
Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: August 22, 2004 - August 28, 2004 Archives: "George W. Bush who supported the war, which means he believed the goal was worth the cost in American lives. Only, not his life. He believed others should go; just not him. It's the story of his life.
That is almost the definition of moral cowardice.
We have a more immediate sense of what physical bravery and cowardice are. In fact, when we speak of bravery and cowardice, the physical variety is almost always what we're talking about. It's whether or not you can charge an enemy position while you're be fired at. It's whether you're immobilized by the fear of death. "
As of yet Untitled

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Yahoo%21 News Message Boards Politics News: "Reagan%27s extremism why USA divided%0D%0Aby%3A cat00012000 08%2F24%2F04 02%3A37 pm%0D%0AMsg%3A 142517 of 142520 %0D%0A %0D%0AIt was hate Clinton. Now it%27s hate Bush. Who%27s it going to be next%3F How is this going to end%3F"

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Relationships and Personality - A Forum: "Call me Cat. I%27m 55 years old. I%27ve been on a veterans pension and social security disability for my mental illness for nearly 20 years. The crazy thing of it is that I was never told what was wrong with me%21 I was told I had something called atypical manic depression. It was only through the Internet that I learned about personality disorders and how they applied to me. Now from what I hear and read Borderline personality disorder %28bpd%29 is seen as a controversial diagnosis. I%27ve seen it referred to as a wastebasket diagnosis. The idea is that it is used when nothing else is apropriate. I%27ve seen quotes from doctors where they say they would not tell a patient that they had bpd. They say it is not really an illness. I%27ve also seen where it was considered incurable. It was a diagnosis used to segregate patients. %22Don%27t get involved with him. He%27s a borderline.%22 I guess I%27m trying to create a top 10 reasons of why the mental health community has treated me the way they have. I realize I bear some responsibility. There was always a new fad to latch onto - Transactional analysis%2C assertiveness training%2C codependency. I know I am not going to get anywhere by dwelling on my resentments. I have to figure out where I am going to go from here. One of the descriptions I like the best of bpd is that I have my emotional thermostat turned up too high. I am either idealizing people or devaluing them. I think this little paragraph has been a good first step in dealing with my situation. Thanks for listening"

Friday, August 20, 2004

Google Search%3A: "I lived with my mother for 17%0D%0Ayears. She was very emotionally abusive and she was *very*%0D%0Aunpredictable. When she would arrive home%2C I never knew the mood she%0D%0Awould be in. I narrowed her different moods into about four distict%0D%0Aones.%0D%0AOne was angry and abusive. I was a demonic person%2C manipulative and a%0D%0Abitch. Another I was to her an angel. Perfect%2C smart%2C beautiful%2Cetc.%0D%0AAnother I was treated like a little girl. It was enough to make you%0D%0Apuke--she would sweet talk and act as if I were five years old. The%0D%0Alast I was to her friend%2C and she would tell me problems with work or%0D%0Ahusband%2C etc%2C forgetting my age. This was the time when I saw her%0D%0Ablack%2Fwhite perspective emerge.%0D%0A%0D%0ASorry to ramble on%2C I forgot how wonderful it was to tell someone else a%0D%0Abit about my crazy mother."

Friday, August 13, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "One-third of President Bush's tax cuts have gone to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans, shifting more burden to middle-income taxpayers, congressional analysts said on Friday.

by: cat00012000 08/13/04 07:48
It's the party of the rich. It's for the people who think greed is good. I know it takes compromise, and people need to take care of themselves. There is such a thing as exploitation, however. This is a cultural thing"

by: cat00012000 08/13/04 07:58 pm
Msg: 2369 of 2389

I really do think Bush means well. He really does believe in what he is doing. If people would just bend to his will everything would be hunky dory. Unfortunately things don't always have a happy ending. Giving the IRS a holiday is like giving the police a holiday. The destruction can't be undone.

by: cat00012000 08/13/04 08:11 pm
Msg: 2381 of 2391

For one thing, the rich own so much. If there was a national property tax the rich could pay the same percentage as everyone else. The rich monopolize most of the wealth therefore they get the burden of protecting it. I'm afraid you can't have your money and spend it too. Also I thought it was the liberals who had the corner on whining. Who's whining now?

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

What Is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?

from Qutayba Abdullatif & Nicole Bekman

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a method of treatment that
was devised by Marsha Linehan, faculty at the University of
Washington in Seattle, for the treatment of borderline personality
disorder (BPD). Typically clients with BPD, as defined in DSM-IV,
are notoriously difficult to treat (Linehan 1993a). They often do
not attend regularly, frequently fail to respond to therapeutic
efforts and make considerable demands on the emotional resources of
the therapist (particularly when suicidal and parasuicidal behaviors
are prominent). The effectiveness of DBT has been demonstrated in
many controlled studies across different research groups. Because of
this success and due to similar behavior patterns, DBT is now being
used in many settings as a viable therapy for the treatment of
bipolar disorder.
Treatment in DBT has four parts, which are all important to
effective treatment:

Individual Therapy

Telephone Contact

Therapist Consultation
- good communication between group therapist and individual
therapist is essential to the successful outcome of DBT.

Skills Training
- Conducted by a behavioral technician or another therapist usually
in a group context.
- Conducted in weekly sessions of 2.5 hours with a break half way
through each session.
- The focus is on learning and practicing adaptive skills, not
personal or specific complaints of the clients and thus, any
specific or personal issues are redirected to be discussed in
individual therapy.
There are four modules in DBT group skills training:

Core Mindfulness Skills
- These are derived from Buddhist meditation techniques to enable
the client to become aware of the different aspects of experience
and to develop the ability to stay with that experience in the
present moment.
- Treatment lasts for about 2-3 weeks.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
- These focus on effective ways of achieving one's objectives with
other people: to ask for what one wants effectively, to say no and
be taken seriously, to maintain relationships and to maintain self-
esteem in interactions with other people (comparable to
assertiveness training).
- Treatment lasts for about 8 weeks.

Emotion Modulation Skills
These skills are ways of coping with intense emotional experiences
and their causes. They also allow for an adaptive experience and
expression of intense emotions.
- Treatment lasts for about 8 weeks.

Distress Tolerance Skills
- These include techniques for putting up with, finding meaning for,
and accepting distressing situations if there is no conceivable
solution at present.
- Treatment lasts for about 8 weeks.

Copied from:

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition: "The IDF will soon begin using cannabis to treat soldiers suffering from combat stress, the military said Wednesday.
An army statement said the military medical corps and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem would begin treating victims of post-traumatic stress - commonly known as shell shock - with THC, the active ingredient in the cannabis plant. It said the treatment would begin on an experimental basis.
'The use of THC as part of the treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder was approved by military and civilian committees relevant to the subject,' the statement said.
An IDF spokesman said treatment would be given to both conscript soldiers and reservists.
Since September 2000, the Israeli military has been conducting day to day operations against the Palestinian terror infrastructure in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
During that time many soldiers have been treated for combat stress following service at military checkpoints and in military operations.
The IDF continues to ban the use of all drugs on a leisure basis, including cannabis derivatives marijuana and hashish.
Wired News: Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders: ", one of the most popular blogs on the Net, has been accused of selling out -- joining a growing list of new-media outfits willing to bend old-media rules.
According to a veteran new-media publisher, Fark has been selling preferential placement of story links without informing its readers.

Today's the Day. Jason Calacanis, publisher of several rival Weblogs Inc. blogs, claims Fark offered him highly placed links to his sites in return for several hundred dollars.
'I was shocked because I had come to trust the brand, and the person behind it,' Calacanis said. 'Anything that is an advertisement should be labeled as an advertisement. This is not rocket science.'
Calacanis said he didn't know how many links on Fark are paid for, or how long Fark has been selling them. But he said a Fark salesman told him the site does it 'all the time.'
'We don"This is the future on tv and print

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The New York Times: Paul Krugman (Forum/Message Board): "infomaniac8 - August 3, 2004

What would be good for America?

It is sad to see CNN sway to the right, but what goes around comes around. Who knows what the future holds? In a way it will always be the same old same old. There's nothing new under the sun. Everything is just an adjustment to something else. Still hope springs eternal. Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or an oncoming train? If we thought the glass was full then it's half empty. If we're used to it being empty then it's half full. Has power corrupted the USA? Has absolute power corrupted it absolutely? We do love our weapons and our power. The selfish part of america truly loves Bush. Progress is a thing of the past. I know good conservatives. They lack imagination, but they work hard. Today is not my day for casting the first stone. "

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "THE CHIMPS ACHIEVEMENTS!!!!
by: slutbushtwins (46/M/South Pasadena, CA) 07/31/04 05:57 pm
Msg: 591824 of 591856
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He took the Clinton economy, which had the longest sustained growth in American history, the lowest unemployment in American history, the most powerful economy in world history, the largest surplus in American history, and in the space of his first 6 months in office, gave us the highest unemployment since the depression, the worst economy since the dismal reagan years, the longest negative growth since the depression, the largest deficits in American history, the most stock market crashes since the depression(42), and all of this by August of 2001.
Then in April of 2001 he went on the longest vacation in American presidential history , and got got caught asleep at the wheel on 9/11( when his vacation eneded)....and in between colluded with Enron, El Paso Energy, Reliant, etc. to bilk California and the west out of 40 billion during the phoney energy crisis of 2001, lied to get us into a war, then gave his buddies like Halliburton and other contributors full reign in Iraq, whenre his henchmen have ripped off taxpayers to the tune of 3 billion more dollars.
Yup...I dont think Kerry can match those achievements. "

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Colin Powell on W's Vietnam 'service'
by: uncommonsense48 (48/M/Ohio) 07/27/04 05:35 pm
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'I am angry that so many of the sons of the powerful and well-placed... managed to wangle slots in Reserve and National Guard units...Of the many tragedies of Vietnam, this raw class discrimination strikes me as the most damaging to the ideal that all Americans are created equal and owe equal allegiance to their country.' (Colin Powell�s autobiography, My American Journey, p. 148)

That just about sums up my feelings as well. "

Monday, July 26, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Re: keep pouring billions$ into prisons
by: berkeleyevildoer 07/26/04 05:31 pm
Msg: 2399 of 2407

1. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord - Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness - Lev.15: 19-24. The problem is how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

4. Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians?

5. I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2. passage clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself?

6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination - Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than
homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this? Are there 'degrees' of abomination?

7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room

8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev.19:27"

. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing
garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble
of getting the whole town together to stone them? - Lev.24:10-16.
Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

I know you have studied these things extensively and thus enjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I am confident you can help.

Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging

Friday, July 23, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Explaining Liberal Anger
by: jbryant_13 (53/M/Ohio) 07/23/04 10:33 pm
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Society, to the liberal mind, is a massive engineering project. Most of us distinguish misfortune and injustice. Not the liberal. No misfortune goes unaddressed by the social engineers. It is presumed -- conclusively, without evidence or argument -- that disparities in wealth are the result of morally arbitrary factors (accidents of birth or circumstance) rather than individual character, effort, discipline, work, or merit"
The Smirking Chimp Project for the New American Century, published a virtual blueprint of Bush's imperial foreign policy back in September 2000 -- even mentioning the possibility of a "new Pearl Harbor" that could "catalyze" the American public into backing the group's far-reaching ambitions. A linchpin of the plan was the military takeover of Iraq -- even if Hussein was no longer in power, as the PNAC document cheerfully admitted.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Engadget - "Why do we have the funny feeling that if this were sold here in the States that someone would end up in prison? Only available in the UK right now, PureDigital�s Bug can tune into digital radio broadcasts, record them, and transfer those copies to a PC (via SD card or a USB cable) where they can be burned to a CD or transferred to an MP3 player. There are even more models on the way."

Friday, July 09, 2004

Ananova - Health workers visited patient without realising she was dead: "A mental health charity is reviewing its home visit procedures after two members of staff visited a patient and left without realising she was dead.
Mind launched the inquiry after an inquest heard how the two visitors left paranoid schizophrenic Patricia Harris in the kitchen of her Coventry bedsit after she made no response to their greetings.
The death of the 43-year-old only came to light the following day when two other Mind staff visited and saw she had passed away.
Kay St Clair, director of Mind's Coventry branch, described the events surrounding Miss Harris' death as 'unprecedented' in the charity's experience.
'We have extended our deepest sympathies to Mr and Mrs Harris,'she said.
'Coventry Mind is immediately conducting a full internal review of procedures and practices in addition to taking external help and advice from independent outside experts.'"The inquest in Coventry has heard Helen Redmond, the assistant head of housing services for the city's branch of Mind, and James Howard, one of the charity's community psychiatric nurses, visited Miss Harris at her bedsit in Binley Road on August 13 after learning that she had not been seen for five days.

Entering the flat, they saw Miss Harris dressed in outdoor clothing and positioned between the two kitchen walls.

Unable to see her face or any movement, and hearing no response to their efforts to engage her in conversation, the pair left when the telephone rang, to allow her to answer it.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Gadflyer: Fly Trap: "Coleman seemed unfamiliar with the American mode of interviewing this president, in which he throws a pile of crap at you � the laughable assertion that he doesn�t pay attention to polls, for instance, or the time-tested ploy of meaningless tautology ('My job is to do my job') � and you reply, 'Thank you sir, may I have another?'
(In case you think I overstate, at his press conference just before launching the Iraq war, one hard-nosed reporter asked, 'As the nation is at odds over war, with many organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus pushing for continued diplomacy through the U.N., how is your faith guiding you? And what should you tell America or what should America do collectively as you instructed before 9/11? Should it pray?' Naturally, Bush replied, 'I appreciate that question a lot.')
But the really interesting thing is what happened next. A less-than-fawning interview must, of course, be punished. So the White House cancelled a previously scheduled RTE interview with Laura Bush, then lodged a complaint with the Irish embassy. And who says they�re thin-skinned!"
Yahoo! News - Bush Liked Less Than Saddam, Bin Laden: "BUDAPEST (Reuters) - President Bush (news - web sites) is disliked by more Hungarian secondary school children than former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) and Osama bin Laden (news - web sites), according to an opinion poll published on Wednesday.

Reuters Photo

Slideshow: President Bush

Latest headlines:
�Philippines blocks workers going to Iraq after kidnapping
AFP - 11 minutes ago
�U.N. Didn't OK Uranium Transfer to U.S.
AP - 18 minutes ago
�Iraq Unveils New Laws to Fight Insurgency
AP - 19 minutes ago
Special Coverage

Bush also topped the list of most-liked foreigners with eight percent of the vote, ahead of Pope John Paul (news - web sites) with six percent.
The survey of 34,000 students, aged 16-18, from 655 high schools showed Adolf Hitler was the most disliked foreign personality with 25 percent of the vote, followed by Bush with 23 percent and Bin Laden with 16 percent. "
The Rootless Cosmopolitan: "But attention, of course, is now being paid. An overwhelming majority of world opinion outside the United States sees the Palestinian tragedy today much as the Palestinians themselves see it. They are the natives of Israel, an indigenous community excluded from nationhood in its own homeland: dispossessed and expelled, illegally expropriated, confined to 'bantustans,' denied many fundamental rights and exposed on a daily basis to injustice and violence. Today there is no longer the slightest pretense by well-informed Israelis that the Arabs left in 1948 of their own free will or at the behest of foreign despots, as we were once taught. Benny Morris, one of the leading Israeli scholars on the subject, recently reminded readers of the Israeli daily newspaper Ha'aretz that Israeli soldiers did not merely expel Palestinians in 1948-49, in an early, incomplete attempt at ethnic cleansing; they committed war crimes along the way, including the rape and murder of women and children"

Today it presents a ghastly image: a place where sneering 18-year-olds with M-16s taunt helpless old men ("security measures"); where bulldozers regularly flatten whole apartment blocks ("rooting out terrorists"); where helicopters fire rockets into residential streets ("targeted killings"); where subsidized settlers frolic in grass-fringed swimming pools, oblivious of Arab children a few meters away who fester and rot in the worst slums on the planet; and where retired generals and Cabinet ministers speak openly of bottling up the Palestinians "like drugged roaches in a bottle" (former Israeli Chief of Staff Rafael Eytan) and cleansing the land of its Arab cancer (former Housing Minister Effi Eitam).

Israel is utterly dependent on the United States for money, arms and diplomatic support. One or two states share common enemies with Israel; a handful of countries buy its weapons; a few others are its de facto accomplices in ignoring international treaties and secretly manufacturing nuclear weapons. But outside Washington, Israel has no friends--at the United Nations it cannot even count on the support of America's staunchest allies. Despite the political and diplomatic incompetence of the PLO (well documented in Said's writings); despite the manifest shortcomings of the Arab world at large ("lingering outside the main march of humanity"); despite Israel's own sophisticated efforts to publicize its case, the Jewish state today is widely regarded as a--the--leading threat to world peace. After thirty-seven years of military occupation, Israel has gained nothing in security. It has lost everything in domestic civility and international respectability, and it has forfeited the moral high ground forever.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Artificial Sweetener May Disrupt Body's Ability To Count Calories, According To New Study: "Choosing a diet soft drink over a regular, sugar-packed beverage may not be the best way to fight obesity, according to new research from Purdue University. But the researchers said this doesn't mean you should grab a regularly sweetened soft drink instead."

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Top Stories: "AMERICAN REVOLUTION = CIVIL WAR
by: radioactive_cyborg_crack_monkey (19/M/Great Britain, England) 07/04/04 01:54 pm
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The Hollywood version of the War of Independence is a straightforward fight between heroic Patriots and wicked, Nazi-like British Redcoats. But the reality is very different, it was in fact a Civil War which divided social classes and even families. Benjamin Franklin�s own son, William, governor of New Jersey, remained loyal to Britain during the war. The two never spoke again. And the worst violence did not involve regular British troops, but was perpetrated by rebel colonials against their countrymen who remained loyal to Great Britain.

But it is the great irony of the American Revolution, and it strikes you forcefully when you see today�s prosperous Lexingtonians trying to relive their forefathers self-sacrifice � that the ones who revolted against British rule were best of all Britain�s colonial subjects. There is good reason to think that, by the 1770�s, New Englanders were about the wealthiest people in the world. Per person income was at least equal to that in the United Kingdom and was more evenly distributed. The New Englanders had bigger farms, bigger families and better education than the Old Englanders back home. And, crucially, they paid far less tax. In 1763 the average Briton paid 26 shillings a year in taxes. The equivalent figure for a Massachusetts taxpayer was just one shilling. To say that being British subjects had been good for these people would be an understatement.
Just twenty years before the ‘battle’ of Lexington, the American settlers had proved their loyalty to the British Empire by turning out in tens of thousands to fight against the French and the Indian allies in the Seven Years War. The first shot of that war had been fired by a young colonial named George Washington.

Everyone has heard of the ‘Boston Tea Party’ of 16 December 1773, in which 342 boxes of tea worth £10,000 were tipped into the waters of Boston harbour. But most people assume it was a protest against a hike in the tax on tea. In fact the price of the tea in question was exceptionally low, since the British government had just given the East India Company a rebate of the much higher duty the tea had incurred on entering Britain. In effect, the tea left Britain duty free and had to only pay the much lower American duty on arriving in Boston. Tea had never been cheaper in New England. The ‘Boston Tea Party’ was organized not by furious consumers but by Boston’s wealthy smugglers, who stood to lose out.

On close inspection, the taxes that caused so much fuss were not just unimportant; by 1773 they had all but gone. In any case, these disputes about taxation were trivial compared with the basic economic reality that membership to the British Empire was good – very good – for the American colonial economy. The Navigation Acts may have given British ships a monopoly over trade with the colonies, but they also guaranteed a market for North American exports of agricultural staples, cattle, pig iron and ships.

Overall, something like one in five of the White population of British North America remained loyal to the crown during the war. The loyalist companies often fought just as hard as the British troops. But with the colonial rebels, French & Dutch working together, the odds were stacked against the British who had a limited military presence due to involvement in wars elsewhere in the world, mainly against the jealous French back home in Europe.

Many loyal colonials responded to defeat by immigrating northwards to the British colonies in Canada, which had all remained loyal. The loss of America had the unforeseen effect of securing Canada for the Empire, thanks to the flood of English-speaking Loyalist immigrants who would soon reduce the French Quebecois to a struggling minority.

Message Thread [ View ]

Just twenty years before the �battle� of Lexington, the American settlers had proved their loyalty to the British Empire by turning out "
The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Not Feeling Groovy: "The old cold warriors thought they could improve the national character by invading Iraq � in that way banishing post-Vietnam ambivalence about using force and toughening up what they saw as the Clintonesque 60's mentality � a weak, pinprick-bombing, if-it-feels-good-do-it attitude. Their new motto was: If it makes someone else feel bad, do it."

Once they returned to power, the Bush II team, dripping with contempt for Bill Clinton and oozing with "we know best" cockiness, thought they could use the sacking of Saddam to change the way Americans saw themselves and the way America was seen in the world
The New York Times > Business > Your Money > Digital Domain: From a High-Tech System, Low-Fi Music: "Customers are led to believe that they are getting a CD in all respects except the trouble of going to the mall. The iTunes store does not warn about the permanence of its method of compression; once freeze-dried, there is no way to reconstitute the music into CD quality for playing through a good stereo"Ah, for simpler times, when we never had reason to look up the bit rate at which music is digitally sampled for CD's: 1,378 kilobits per second. The bit rate for iTunes, 128, is so low that when played side by side against the original, the difference is audible not only to audio enthusiasts, but also to mortals with ordinary hearing. Wes Phillips, contributing editor at Stereophile, says "128 is like an eight-track," and he describes the combination of iPod and iTunes as "buying a 21st-century device to live in the 1970's."

Defending the company's decision to encode its music at the low end of the bit rate range, an Apple spokesman, Derick Mains, says 128 provides good sound quality, "especially when used in iPods."
Steven P. Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, has long held that inferior quality will eventually manifest itself. A number of years ago, he recalled that when he was growing up, a neighbor across the street had tried to make a Volkswagen Bug into a Porsche through unstinting investments in accessories. When the neighbor was done, however, Mr. Jobs said, "he did not have a Porsche; he had a loud, ugly VW."

Saturday, July 03, 2004

New Molecule May Be Basis For Drugs That Battle Overeating And Drug Dependency: "Anandamide is a natural marijuana-like compound that responds to hormones and external stimuli and activates cannabinoid receptors in the brain. This endocannabinoid system helps regulate pain, mood and appetite, along with dependence on drugs such as alcohol and marijuana. Because of this, anandamide is sometimes referred to as the 'bliss' molecule"
The New York Times > Books > Engineering More Sons Than Daughters: "In China, the researchers estimate that 120 boys are born for every 100 girls. The official birth sex ratio in India is about 113 boys for every 100 girls, the authors write, but they claim that spot checks in some places show ratios up to 156 boys for every 100 girls.
The birth sex ratio worldwide is about 105 boys for every 100 girls"

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The New York Times: Paul Krugman (Forum/Message Board): "infomaniac8 - June 29, 2004

Making it easier to recruit terrorists

Hey, the right wing is just being the right wing. This gives the right wing of the opposing culture an open door. No more Saddam, now it's Zaraqawi. Who's to say how much oil and prosperity are worth? Both the left and right fight chaos, and both are losing"

Monday, June 28, 2004

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Mid-East coverage baffles Britons: "Jews deservedly received enormous sympathy after world warII. Since then they have misused than sympathy. Israelis have the highest number of doctors per capita. They may well be the smartest and the stupidest people on earth."

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Engadget: Robots - "Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Charmed Labs releases Xport and Bluetooth module >
Related entries: Gaming, Portable, Robots

Our pals over at Charmed Labs have released the Xport. The Xport Robot Controller (XRC) turns the Game Boy Advance and standard LEGO components into an advanced robot development system. Best of all, you can add Bluetooth now.
The Bluetooth module is an add on.
�Class 1� radio with 100 meter range
Up to 200 Kbps continuous, error-free datarate
Integrated chip antenna
Low power (55 mA typical)
Small (0.8� x 1.2�)
We�ll be trying this out soon and will post anything cool we come up with. We welcome our LEGO driven Bluetooth connected robot overlords.
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Robots to patrol the Gaza Strip >
Related entries: Robots
Scattered amidst an article on the Gaza Strip are plans for a new kind of border defense. The Israelis are apparently considering turning it into a giant video game, using remote control patrol cars and computerized observation posts that spot and kill attackers all on their own. They even pick out the best weapon to use. Maybe it�s just us, but this seems to be coming kinda close to Skynet territory. Sure, removing more people from harm�s way is a good thing but what about the first farmer who gets blown to bits when the computer thinks the goat he�s leading is a suicide bomb?
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Sony prepares to make the Qrio smarter than us >
Related entries: Robots

According to the Nikkei newspaper, Sony�s next project for its little Qrio robot is to up its brainpower to near-supercomputer levels. Given its size, it doesn�t co"
Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Adolf Hitler's image has surfaced again in the White House race. President Bush's campaign contains online video, removed from a liberal group's Web site months ago and disavowed, that features the Nazi dictator.

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by: cat00012000 06/26/04 06:43 pm
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These guys are going further over the edge every day. We need to clean house"
Cheney Defends Use Of Four-Letter Word ( "The forceful defense by Cheney came as much of Washington was discussing his outburst on the Senate floor in which a chance encounter with Leahy during a photo session in the usually decorous Senate chamber ended in colorful profanity. The obscenity was published in yesterday's editions of The Washington Post.
President Bush had made his vow to 'change the tone in Washington' a central part of his 2000 campaign, calling bipartisan cooperation 'the challenge of our moment.'
'Our nation must rise above a house divided,' he said in his victory speech in December 2000. 'I know America wants reconciliation and unity. I know Americans want progress. And we will seize this moment and deliver.'
Cheney said yesterday he was in no mood to exchange pleasantries with Leahy because Leahy had 'challenged my integrity' by making charges of cronyism between Cheney and his former firm, Halliburton Co. Leahy on Monday had a conference call to kick off the Democratic National Committee's 'Halliburton Week' focusing on Cheney"
Yahoo! News Message Boards Top Stories: "=>Truth can be such a relative thing
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:51 pm
68 How many undecideds left in this electi
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:48 pm
67 Hitler was big on fiscal responsibility
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:45 pm
66 Re: Sounds like Hitlerism
polishfreedomfigh... 06/26/04 04:45 pm
65 WOW!!! This is just unbelievable.
amorpheous777 06/26/04 04:41 pm
64 What's money for if not to win?
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:39 pm
63 Tom DeLay wants lobbyists in charge
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:38 pm
62 Bush fails to govern for common good
betalobster 06/26/04 04:37 pm
61 Whose in charge here?
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:36 pm
60 The Vatican is too liberal for these gu
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:35 pm
59 Most Dangerous Threat
baffled_in_ca 06/26/04 04:34 pm
58 Are these guys really for real?
cat000120001 06/26/04 04:33 pm
57 This ought to solidfy the base
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:32 pm
56 Bush starting to act like the Vatican
betalobster 06/26/04 04:30 "

Friday, June 25, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Yahoo! News - Message Boards Search News StoriesNews PhotosAudio/VideoFull CoverageThe New York TimesAll of Yahoo! Advanced

Senate OKs Fines for Illegal Downloading - 06-25-2004
The Senate agreed to legislation Friday that would allow the Justice Department to use civil penalties to go after people who illegally share and download computer files over the Internet.

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Boomers on the wrong side of history
by: cat00012000 06/25/04 07:08 pm
Msg: 3 of 3

Is this a broken record or what. I guess power has corrupted this courtry terribly. "

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "The Right has gone over the edge
by: cat00012000 06/23/04 07:23 pm
Msg: 200236 of 200236

They have lost their way. They need to be reborn. Reagan is dead and so are they"
Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Flip-flopping such a non-issue
by: cat00012000 06/23/04 07:19 pm
Msg: 200232 of 200232

That's like Bush's inability to nuance. What it is is the right's inability to campaign on the issues. They just want to shout people down. It's basically the only thing that works for them. Rots of ruck "

Sunday, June 20, 2004

"Chaos" Theory Empowers VA And University Of Florida Researchers To Predict Epileptic Seizures: "Though it may sound counterintuitive, a buildup of organized, harmonious signals is what apparently needs to be fixed to return the brain to its naturally chaotic state.
To predict seizures, Iasemidis, who directs the Gainesville VA's Brain Dynamics Laboratory, and Sackellares look for signs of communication between the site where a patient's seizure begins and elsewhere in the brain. When an increasing number of electrode pairs begin oscillating together during an EEG, it signals a seizure is on its way. "
Yahoo! News Message Boards Business News: "We don't need kings or rich
by: cat00012000 06/20/04 03:15 pm
Msg: 16 of 16

Are they any benefit to society? "

Saturday, June 19, 2004

So it seems pretty clear that Rumsfeld committed a war crime when he personally ordered an Iraqi POW to be held secretly and kept away from the Red Cross. Indeed, some contend this is a black-letter law, open-and-shut case. But we’ll have no investigations, no accountability. As far as our Republican-controlled government is concerned, committing war crimes is no big deal.

And our Attorney General acts in open contempt of Congress, refusing to release memos demanded while providing no justification beyond “I don’t want to.” This is a clear-cut violation of both the letter and spirit of the law. But there will be no subpeona, no investigation. As far as our Republican-controlled Congress is concerned, treating them with contempt is no big deal.

Tom Scully lies to Congress, and coerces a government employee to withhold the true cost of the prescription-drug bill. Clear-cut felonies that provoke not even minor clucking from the Republican-controlled Congress.

Not too long ago, Republicans spent their days screeching about the “rule of law” as they sought to impeach the president over sexual misconduct. Today, there is no level of criminality — not even outright treason (see Valerie Plame) — that can provoke even mild murmurs of rebuke from those very same people.

We once were a nation of laws. For this we were respected by other nations. Now, Republicans in all three branches of our government have worked hard to create an imperial presidency. They are fools.

Friday, June 11, 2004

The New York Times: Bob Herbert (Forum/Message Board): "infomaniac8 - June 11, 2004

Let's get 'em

Put them in a side show? Heartless is an understatement. I guess nazi would be an overstatement. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. Some people's strength is negative motivation. It's just the animalistic way of doing things, you know-that old time religion. If we could make the U.S. more of a third world country I'm sure Haly Barbour would become a much more powerful man"

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Health News: "Evolved too far?
by: cat00012000 06/08/04 12:53 pm
Msg: 195 of 195

Take two people that are really good at shutting out the outside world. Have them mate. Have their kids mate and so on. Sooner or later you have autism. It's not rocket science"

Monday, June 07, 2004

Yahoo! Groups : bpd-supportgroup Post Message: "
From: cat
Date: Mon Jun 7, 2004 11:27 am
Subject: A second in time
Just wanted to say that I made a little peace with myself today.
Usually when I think about posting a message here it's about
something I can't seem to deal with. Today it's just the opposite, so
I thought I'd take a minute and celebrate it. I'm sure it won't be
long before it's the same old same old all over again. It always is
and always will be. Just for a while there, though, it was really


Friday, June 04, 2004

MSN Slate Magazine: "Subject:Blame me for Bush
Date:Jun 04 2004 6:55 PM

Blame me for Reagan too. Blame me for slavery and the civil war. I've caused all the things that are black marks on this nation. I'm willing to accept my responsibility. Just because I've fought something with all my strength doesn't it's not my fault that it happened. It's all our faults. I'm a liberal. It takes a village"

Sunday, May 30, 2004

The Smirking Chimp: "An Afghan military official contradicted the Army investigation and told the Associated Press that Tillman died because of a mix-up between two groups of coalition soldiers, composed of both Americans and Afghanis. The official said the two groups became separated and began firing wildly in the confusion following a land mine explosion.

'It was a misunderstanding and afterwards they realized that it was a mine that had exploded and there were no enemy forces,' the Afghan official said.

Unfortunately, 'misunderstandings' don't sound nearly as gallant as 'crested hills' and 'well-armed enemies.' It seems we treat our war heroes just like everything else these days: We want them pre-packaged and artificially augmented.

If you die by accident that doesn't make your sacrifice any less significant.

Just a lot less marketable"

Friday, May 28, 2004

Tet 2004? - The Washington Times: Commentary - May 28, 2004: " This series of occurrences (along with others) collectively paint a scenario eerily similar to that presented LBJ a generation and a half ago. We should be thankful George W. Bush does not appear to have become immobilized by self-doubt and uncertainty as did his Johnson in 1968 (if anything, Mr. Bush may possess a tad too much self-righteousness).
However, the president's recent speech to the Army War College was far too thin on specifics, and far too vague a road map, with which to put to rest the country's doubts about our post-'mission accomplished' strategy. Those doubts, now surfacing with increased frequency and boldness, can eat away at a presidency as surely today as they did 36 years ago.

Bob Barr, a former Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia, is a columnist for United Press International.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Cost of Doing Business - Fraysters calculate the value of a Slate contributor's life. Compiled by Kevin�Arnovitz: "A study that determines that people are more afraid of flying than driving does not prove that flying is more dangerous than driving. Humans operate off of perceptions, not necessarily truth"
The Blogging of the President: 2004: "We must face the facts, the cold, hard facts. We illegally invaded another nation, engaging in war crimes to do so, in that we lied to the UN as to the causes for war. We did so without pressing necessity to invade - or to lie at all, since our target was an individual who could have been legally indicted for war crimes by merely stretching forth our hand. We invaded solely because of the electoral time table of George W Bush Jr, and for no other reason. This is worse that a crime, it is worse than a mistake, it is a blot against that most precious object of a free people - our willingness to comply with our own laws"

Our leaders, if we were a defeated nation, would be sent to the Hague or some other tribunal for War Crimes prosecution. That we will not do this insures that our enemies, fortified by the clear bankruptcy of our laws, and our clear willingness to flagrantly break them when it is to our own advantage, and the complete and utter lack of accountability for those that break them, and those who enable breaking them - will strike, with devastating force, at the centers of our commerce and population. The will, rightly, point to the devastation of Baghdad as their reason for attack.

The American public must face this reality, and it must face that the cost of this reality is that it must punish its own criminals, not to the satisfaction of Rupert Murdoch or Grover Norquist, but to the satisfaction of those that they have injured

Yahoo! News Message Boards Top Stories: "Right wing prays for a terrorist attack
by: cat00012000 05/27/04 03:16 pm
Msg: 25 of 25

Fear is their only ally "

Osama and Fox: right wing extremists
by: cat00012000 05/27/04 03:26 pm
Msg: 29 of 29

Do these guys kind of deserve each other?

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

A Foreign Policy, Falling Apart ( "Contrary to the Bush administration's stated and implied promises -- 'we will be greeted as liberators' was the vice president's famous version -- we did not achieve a relatively low-cost triumph in Iraq. Instead we have a crisis of still-growing dimensions. Our occupation policy has changed as often as the color of Madonna's hair. Ominously, as became clear with last week's assassination of Iraqi Governing Council president Izzedin Salim, we cannot even protect the Iraqis who have agreed to work with us.
The war has damaged the good name of the United States in every corner of the globe, has cost unanticipated scores of billions (all of it borrowed) and now threatens long-term damage to our Army and National Guard. War has already disfigured the 3,500 American families whose sons and daughters have been killed or seriously wounded in Iraq, and countless Iraqi families as well.
The United States gets itself into this kind of trouble when it turns away from that most fundamental of American values, pragmatism. The Bush administration's initial reaction to the first attacks on U.S. soil since the War of 1812 was highly pragmatic. It identified the source of the attack and went after it forcefully, with the country's and the world's enthus"

Richard M. Nixon won the presidency in 1968. His vanity and that of his principal aide, Henry A. Kissinger, prevented an early end to the war. They insisted on a "decent interval" before acknowledging defeat in Vietnam. It took seven more years, and tens of thousands of American and Vietnamese lives, to bring the war to an end.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

: "Back in August 2002, Newsweek hawk Fareed Zakaria argued: 'Done right, an invasion would be the single best path to reform the Arab world. Were Saddam's totalitarian regime to be replaced by a state that respected human rights, enforced the rule of law and created a market economy, it could begin to transform that world.' And if done right, tax cuts could have stimulated the economy. But Bush hadn't done anything right when Zakaria wrote that. The Administration's brazenly dishonest and inept post-9/11 record--not the right's fictional knee-jerk 'Bush-bashing'--is why half the country never trusted his blandishments about WMDs, the fictional Saddam-Osama link, or nation-building.
Ah, but the new and improved Zakaria finally gets it: 'On almost every issue involving postwar Iraq, [Bush's] assumptions and policies have been wrong. This strange combination of arrogance and incompetence has not only destroyed the hopes for a new Iraq. It has had the much broader effect of turning the United States into an international outlaw.'
We're supposed to be grateful that Zakaria and his fellow war pimps are--finally!--recognizing reality. At least they're better than Bush, who still thinks torture can convert the Iraqis to democracy: 'I won't yield,' he said May 13. But these prominent pundits too have blood on their hands"
TAPPED: "The Republican party is now committed to chronic fiscal irresponsibility, the micro-managing of people's private lives, the subjugation of political to religious discourse, and the politicization of the Constitution. In so many ways, it is an insult to the word 'conservative.'"
Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "No divine rights for the rich
by: cat00012000 05/19/04 06:33 pm
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We got rid of the monarchy. Now we need strip the upper crust of their power. "
New Scientist: "they found that the Universe's expansion began to accelerate about 6 billion years ago.
This agrees with the supernova and microwave measurements. All three methods imply that about 75 per cent of the energy in the Universe is in this repulsive form. 'It gives us much more confidence that dark energy is real,' says Allen.

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But what actually is dark energy? The new measurements are consistent with a kind of dark energy that is not changing very much with time. That could be an energy inherent to empty space, Einstein's 'cosmological constant'.
But the constraints are not tight, leaving numerous alternatives. These include a kind of weakening dark energy field called quintessence. Another option is a kind of energy that is getting more intense, which could eventually become so powerful that it tears everything apart, even atoms."
Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: May 16, 2004 - May 22, 2004 Archives: "But for now it's salutary for the Democrats to have President Bush the focus -- near exclusively -- of attention. There is, I think, a coalescing sense that President Bush is a failed president -- that key and grave decisions he has made have been the wrong ones and that his leadership and management have been deeply flawed on many fronts. The public mind -- though in a sense a fiction to describe the individial cogitation of three hundred million individuals -- is a powerful reality. And if we look into the 'internals' in these recent polls I think we can see it turning against the president"

The Iraqi people, even my 150 staff think the Americans are essentially not welcome anymore. They fear for their security but would rather go through a cataclysm with a new Iraqi police and army as their security force, rather than be occupied by the Americans. Then they could work through the system and know that their security was in their hands ... Trust me I am training 40 Iraqi bodyguards and the demand is getting serious. Listen Josh, EVERYONE outside of the Green Zone, Iraqis Westerners and Americans alike refer to the CPA and the US Army as "The AMERICANS" as if they were a third-party nation.

No one sees them as part of the solution anymore but as a foreign entity that does as it likes and pisses everybody off in the process. The thinking in the usually suspicious Iraqi mind is that this is still being staged to seize control of their oil... Well that's been done but now they think the domestic troubles like the bad electricity (3 hours on, three hours off) the major Dysentery outbreak in the tap water this week (all of us have been ill due to our cooks washing with tap water) and the inability to drive down the street without having a Hummvee point rifles at you (or worse yet explode next to you) is punishment or, more accurately, incompetence.

Abu Ghuraib was always part of their belief that the Bush Administration would "do anything" to defeat the Baathists. One guy said "you hired the Baathist Intelligence back and now you are doing as they are doing." Well that's not exactly true. We're more open about it. But as long as we are seen as occupiers we will never earn the trust of the Iraqi people. Turning over in a month to a new set of lackeys (here they call them Lougies ... Iraqi Arabic for "fawning Brown-noser") and asking them to invite us to stay and continue our ways is absolutely laughed at.

Locked in Abu Ghraib - The prison scandal keeps getting worse for the Bush administration. By Fred�Kaplan: "The knives are out all over Washington�lots of knives, unsheathed and sharpened in many different backroom parlors, for many motives and many throats. In short, this story is not going away"

Monday, May 17, 2004

Guardian | A new American dream: "In 2001, the main reason the New York and Washington attacks produced so traumatic an effect in the US was that they defied the notion of America as the morally righteous fulfilment of history. Americans were abruptly made to see themselves as victims of what they interpreted as the hate and envy of people who obstinately refused to acknowledge (as George Bush angrily complained) 'how good we are'.
Americans were under attack by enemies who not only were multiple and elusive, malevolent and inventive, but who asserted their own outrageous claim to moral superiority over Americans, as well as a divine mandate of their own. The war on terror, with its adjunct war in Iraq, was meant to reconfirm this pre-eminence. Both, of course, have done the opposite. They have demonstrated the inability of badly overextended military power even to impose stability on the two countries in the developing world which the US has invaded.
The prospect of stabilising and reforming what Washington now calls the 'Greater Middle East' seems slight, to put it politely. Terror has multiplied, rather than been disarmed. Now an American moral disaster has been revealed, composed of torture, secret prisons and international illegality. No one in Washington anticipated this. Certainly not the neo-conservatives, the most aggressive promoters of a 'righteous' imperialism, who drove the march to war in Iraq. They have dropped from sight. " - Insult-happy Web guns fall quiet: "Other members of the neocon blogging pantheon include Glenn Reynolds (, James Lileks ( and Andrew Sullivan ( � at least until Sullivan felt the anti-gay wrath and hatred of the Bush regime.
Probably the most venomous of all is Charles Johnson. His site ( is the toilet in which all sorts of misinformation and malice about Arabs and, in particular, Palestinians are dumped. Anybody who writes favourably � or even in a half-balanced manner � about them is slimed"
The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Tyranny of the Minorities: "'A zealous, religious and messianic minority already led the people of Israel to the destruction of the Second Commonwealth 2,000 years ago. Now the struggle is over the Third Commonwealth.' "
Yahoo! News Message Boards Entertainment News: "We just needed to strike backafter 9/11
by: cat00012000 05/17/04 05:30 pm
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It's sad but true. We had a little boy president and vice president. They had their own group, the program fora new american century. We asked for it, and boy did we get it."

Iraq will look like Iran soon
by: cat00012000 05/17/04 05:39 pm
Msg: 1435 of 1435

One year, five years, it's just a matter of time
Yahoo! News Message Boards Top Stories: "When you're as poor as the palistinians elections are a luxury, but Israel wouldn't be interested in helping out. They'd rather blow up people's homes. It makes them about the most repulsive nation on earth. "

87558 We send money to these people
cat00012000 2 05/17/04 04:24 pm
87557 Did the Nazis treat the Jews this bad?

Blow up a house make a friend
by: cat00012000 05/17/04 04:56 pm
Msg: 87590 of 87590

Can you imagine the day Israelis and palistinians get along?
Yahoo! News Message Boards Top Stories: "When you're as poor as the palistinians elections are a luxury, but Israel wouldn't be interested in helping out. They'd rather blow up people's homes. It makes them about the most repulsive nation on earth. "

87558 We send money to these people
cat00012000 2 05/17/04 04:24 pm
87557 Did the Nazis treat the Jews this bad?

Blow up a house make a friend
by: cat00012000 05/17/04 04:56 pm
Msg: 87590 of 87590

Can you imagine the day Israelis and palistinians get along?

Thursday, May 13, 2004

War Management Follows the Wrong Corporate Model ( "Such generalizations are dangerous. But over the years I've noticed that companies that get into trouble, or lose their edge, have many of the same characteristics at the top: an overemphasis on hierarchy and orderliness; a penchant for secrecy and keeping decisions closely held; an instinct to discount information or dismiss views that don't comport with the company line; a habit of pronouncing rather than engaging intellectually with those outside the inner circle; an unhealthy arrogance and sense of entitlement.
When something goes wrong, the all-too-typical corporate response is to downplay its importance or bury it in bureaucratic processes. And if that doesn't work, the next line of defense is to pin it all on a few 'bad apples' and move aggressively to 'put the issue behind us,' without ever really admitting serious error.
That should sound familiar to anyone who has watched Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and John Snow on C-SPAN, or read Paul O'Neill's account of his ill-fated attempts to warn of the budgetary fallout from a second tax cut, or heard what Richard Clarke told the 9/11 commission about warnings of terrorist attacks that fell on deaf ears. It also describes to a T the process by which the administration has dealt with Iraq, from the original decision to go to war to the handling of the prison scandal.
Here's a little test: You are president of the United States and revelations about abuse of Iraqi prisoners has created the biggest crisis since Sept. 11, inflaming the Arab world, undercutting support at home and undermining our moral authority in the world. How do you spend the weekend?
If you answered 'spend it at Camp David as planned, then drop in at the Pentagon on Monday to praise the defen"
Yahoo! News Message Boards Top Stories: "Puke on Bush and Rummy...
by: foo_fighter007 05/13/04 07:22 pm
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thats what I feel like doing every time I see them"

Has a President been more despised?
by: cat00012000 05/13/04 07:27 pm
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I doubt it

by: willneverforget00 05/13/04 07:28 pm
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Who made up a lie and sent Americans to Iraq to be killed and beheaded for those lies?

What is the name of the guy that did that?

700+ U.S. Servicemen killed for nothing
by: yabutte (48/M/Issaquah, WA) 05/13/04 07:28 pm
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Other than to satisfy the ego of Bush and profits for Halliburton.
This is insanity and an affront to the civility of our great country.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Just Trust Us: "Mr. Bush, despite all his talk of good and evil, doesn't believe in that system. From the day his administration took office, its slogan has been 'just trust us.' No administration since Nixon has been so insistent that it has the right to operate without oversight or accountability, and no administration since Nixon has shown itself to be so little deserving of that trust. Out of a misplaced sense of patriotism, Congress has deferred to the administration's demands. Sooner or later, a moral catastrophe was inevitable.
Just trust us, John Ashcroft said, as he demanded that Congress pass the Patriot Act, no questions asked. After two and a half years, during which he arrested and secretly detained more than a thousand people, Mr. Ashcroft has yet to convict any actual terrorists. (Look at the actual trials of what Dahlia Lithwick of Slate calls 'disaffected bozos who watch cheesy training videos,' and you'll see what I mean.)" | Top brass 'picked man who ordered torture' (May 10, 2004): "The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, sent General Miller from Cuba to Baghdad in August last year to suggest changes to prisoner interrogations"
Yahoo! News Message Boards World News: "Hasn't this been a great four years?
by: cat00012000 05/11/04 03:55 pm
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Hate is such a traditional value "

Religious Extremists are Liberals?
by: cat00012000 05/11/04 03:59 pm
Msg: 9146 of 9146

The last time I checked Conservatives kind of held the corner on religious extremism.

Islamic militants want to run their own
by: cat00012000 05/11/04 04:05 pm
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Yahoo! News Message Boards World News: "Thank Rumsfeld for our reputation
by: cat00012000 05/11/04 03:51 pm
Msg: 8913 of 8913

The world considers us to be right wing nazi trash. It makes me wonder how wrong they are"
Yahoo! News Message Boards World News: "A video posted Tuesday on an Islamic militant Web site showed the beheading of an American civilian in Iraq, and said the execution was carried out by an al-Qaida affiliated group to avenge the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers.

Rumsfeld said the Geneva accords didn't
by: cat00012000 05/11/04 03:44 pm
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Sunday, May 09, 2004

The New York Times: Thomas L. Friedman (Forum/Message Board): "infomaniac8 - May 9, 2004

Jew vrs Arab, Rich and Poor, Man against machine

Did you ever notice that there is always a problem? Yeah, We're going to fix this one, but there is going to be another one that grows directly out of this one. Get a grip! We've got the money. They've got the oil. This problem will end. A new one will grow out of it. Get used to it. Accept it. Revel in it. This is what life is all about. "
Warblogger Watch: "NEW YORK--Now it's official: American troops occupying Iraq have become virtually indistinguishable from the SS. Like the Germans during World War II, they cordon off and bomb civilian villages to retaliate for guerilla attacks on their convoys. Like the blackshirts who terrorized Europe, America's victims disappear into hellish prisons ruled by sadists and murderers. The U.S. military is short just one item to achieve moral parity with the Nazis: gas chambers."

Friday, May 07, 2004

Democrat says Bush war doomed - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - May 07, 2004: "the way President Bush is pursuing the war in Iraq makes it 'unwinnable,' drawing a stern rebuke from Republicans who said Democrats essentially declared victory for terrorists"

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards World News: "Yahoo! News - Message Boards Search News StoriesNews PhotosAudio/VideoFull CoverageThe New York TimesAll of Yahoo! Advanced

Iraqis Hail Falluja 'Victory' as U.S. Changes Tack - 05-01-2004
Soldiers of the old Iraqi army led by one of Saddam Hussein's generals patrolled Falluja on Saturday, a year after George W. Bush declared 'mission accomplished' in ousting the Iraqi regime.

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by: fool_me_1ns 05/01/04 04:53 pm
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anyway? What the hell were we there for if not for the oil? We haven't freed the Iraqi's, we have just replaced one terrible torturing dictator with the coalition on the killing. And now we are putting Saddam's Generals back in place.
Why did people die for this? "

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