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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The New York Times: Paul Krugman (Forum/Message Board): "infomaniac8 - June 29, 2004

Making it easier to recruit terrorists

Hey, the right wing is just being the right wing. This gives the right wing of the opposing culture an open door. No more Saddam, now it's Zaraqawi. Who's to say how much oil and prosperity are worth? Both the left and right fight chaos, and both are losing"

Monday, June 28, 2004

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Mid-East coverage baffles Britons: "Jews deservedly received enormous sympathy after world warII. Since then they have misused than sympathy. Israelis have the highest number of doctors per capita. They may well be the smartest and the stupidest people on earth."

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Engadget: Robots - "Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Charmed Labs releases Xport and Bluetooth module >
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Our pals over at Charmed Labs have released the Xport. The Xport Robot Controller (XRC) turns the Game Boy Advance and standard LEGO components into an advanced robot development system. Best of all, you can add Bluetooth now.
The Bluetooth module is an add on.
�Class 1� radio with 100 meter range
Up to 200 Kbps continuous, error-free datarate
Integrated chip antenna
Low power (55 mA typical)
Small (0.8� x 1.2�)
We�ll be trying this out soon and will post anything cool we come up with. We welcome our LEGO driven Bluetooth connected robot overlords.
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Robots to patrol the Gaza Strip >
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Scattered amidst an article on the Gaza Strip are plans for a new kind of border defense. The Israelis are apparently considering turning it into a giant video game, using remote control patrol cars and computerized observation posts that spot and kill attackers all on their own. They even pick out the best weapon to use. Maybe it�s just us, but this seems to be coming kinda close to Skynet territory. Sure, removing more people from harm�s way is a good thing but what about the first farmer who gets blown to bits when the computer thinks the goat he�s leading is a suicide bomb?
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Sony prepares to make the Qrio smarter than us >
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According to the Nikkei newspaper, Sony�s next project for its little Qrio robot is to up its brainpower to near-supercomputer levels. Given its size, it doesn�t co"
Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Adolf Hitler's image has surfaced again in the White House race. President Bush's campaign contains online video, removed from a liberal group's Web site months ago and disavowed, that features the Nazi dictator.

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by: cat00012000 06/26/04 06:43 pm
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These guys are going further over the edge every day. We need to clean house"
Cheney Defends Use Of Four-Letter Word ( "The forceful defense by Cheney came as much of Washington was discussing his outburst on the Senate floor in which a chance encounter with Leahy during a photo session in the usually decorous Senate chamber ended in colorful profanity. The obscenity was published in yesterday's editions of The Washington Post.
President Bush had made his vow to 'change the tone in Washington' a central part of his 2000 campaign, calling bipartisan cooperation 'the challenge of our moment.'
'Our nation must rise above a house divided,' he said in his victory speech in December 2000. 'I know America wants reconciliation and unity. I know Americans want progress. And we will seize this moment and deliver.'
Cheney said yesterday he was in no mood to exchange pleasantries with Leahy because Leahy had 'challenged my integrity' by making charges of cronyism between Cheney and his former firm, Halliburton Co. Leahy on Monday had a conference call to kick off the Democratic National Committee's 'Halliburton Week' focusing on Cheney"
Yahoo! News Message Boards Top Stories: "=>Truth can be such a relative thing
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:51 pm
68 How many undecideds left in this electi
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:48 pm
67 Hitler was big on fiscal responsibility
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:45 pm
66 Re: Sounds like Hitlerism
polishfreedomfigh... 06/26/04 04:45 pm
65 WOW!!! This is just unbelievable.
amorpheous777 06/26/04 04:41 pm
64 What's money for if not to win?
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:39 pm
63 Tom DeLay wants lobbyists in charge
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:38 pm
62 Bush fails to govern for common good
betalobster 06/26/04 04:37 pm
61 Whose in charge here?
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:36 pm
60 The Vatican is too liberal for these gu
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:35 pm
59 Most Dangerous Threat
baffled_in_ca 06/26/04 04:34 pm
58 Are these guys really for real?
cat000120001 06/26/04 04:33 pm
57 This ought to solidfy the base
cat00012000 06/26/04 04:32 pm
56 Bush starting to act like the Vatican
betalobster 06/26/04 04:30 "

Friday, June 25, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Yahoo! News - Message Boards Search News StoriesNews PhotosAudio/VideoFull CoverageThe New York TimesAll of Yahoo! Advanced

Senate OKs Fines for Illegal Downloading - 06-25-2004
The Senate agreed to legislation Friday that would allow the Justice Department to use civil penalties to go after people who illegally share and download computer files over the Internet.

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Boomers on the wrong side of history
by: cat00012000 06/25/04 07:08 pm
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Is this a broken record or what. I guess power has corrupted this courtry terribly. "

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "The Right has gone over the edge
by: cat00012000 06/23/04 07:23 pm
Msg: 200236 of 200236

They have lost their way. They need to be reborn. Reagan is dead and so are they"
Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "Flip-flopping such a non-issue
by: cat00012000 06/23/04 07:19 pm
Msg: 200232 of 200232

That's like Bush's inability to nuance. What it is is the right's inability to campaign on the issues. They just want to shout people down. It's basically the only thing that works for them. Rots of ruck "

Sunday, June 20, 2004

"Chaos" Theory Empowers VA And University Of Florida Researchers To Predict Epileptic Seizures: "Though it may sound counterintuitive, a buildup of organized, harmonious signals is what apparently needs to be fixed to return the brain to its naturally chaotic state.
To predict seizures, Iasemidis, who directs the Gainesville VA's Brain Dynamics Laboratory, and Sackellares look for signs of communication between the site where a patient's seizure begins and elsewhere in the brain. When an increasing number of electrode pairs begin oscillating together during an EEG, it signals a seizure is on its way. "
Yahoo! News Message Boards Business News: "We don't need kings or rich
by: cat00012000 06/20/04 03:15 pm
Msg: 16 of 16

Are they any benefit to society? "

Saturday, June 19, 2004

So it seems pretty clear that Rumsfeld committed a war crime when he personally ordered an Iraqi POW to be held secretly and kept away from the Red Cross. Indeed, some contend this is a black-letter law, open-and-shut case. But we’ll have no investigations, no accountability. As far as our Republican-controlled government is concerned, committing war crimes is no big deal.

And our Attorney General acts in open contempt of Congress, refusing to release memos demanded while providing no justification beyond “I don’t want to.” This is a clear-cut violation of both the letter and spirit of the law. But there will be no subpeona, no investigation. As far as our Republican-controlled Congress is concerned, treating them with contempt is no big deal.

Tom Scully lies to Congress, and coerces a government employee to withhold the true cost of the prescription-drug bill. Clear-cut felonies that provoke not even minor clucking from the Republican-controlled Congress.

Not too long ago, Republicans spent their days screeching about the “rule of law” as they sought to impeach the president over sexual misconduct. Today, there is no level of criminality — not even outright treason (see Valerie Plame) — that can provoke even mild murmurs of rebuke from those very same people.

We once were a nation of laws. For this we were respected by other nations. Now, Republicans in all three branches of our government have worked hard to create an imperial presidency. They are fools.

Friday, June 11, 2004

The New York Times: Bob Herbert (Forum/Message Board): "infomaniac8 - June 11, 2004

Let's get 'em

Put them in a side show? Heartless is an understatement. I guess nazi would be an overstatement. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. Some people's strength is negative motivation. It's just the animalistic way of doing things, you know-that old time religion. If we could make the U.S. more of a third world country I'm sure Haly Barbour would become a much more powerful man"

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Health News: "Evolved too far?
by: cat00012000 06/08/04 12:53 pm
Msg: 195 of 195

Take two people that are really good at shutting out the outside world. Have them mate. Have their kids mate and so on. Sooner or later you have autism. It's not rocket science"

Monday, June 07, 2004

Yahoo! Groups : bpd-supportgroup Post Message: "
From: cat
Date: Mon Jun 7, 2004 11:27 am
Subject: A second in time
Just wanted to say that I made a little peace with myself today.
Usually when I think about posting a message here it's about
something I can't seem to deal with. Today it's just the opposite, so
I thought I'd take a minute and celebrate it. I'm sure it won't be
long before it's the same old same old all over again. It always is
and always will be. Just for a while there, though, it was really


Friday, June 04, 2004

MSN Slate Magazine: "Subject:Blame me for Bush
Date:Jun 04 2004 6:55 PM

Blame me for Reagan too. Blame me for slavery and the civil war. I've caused all the things that are black marks on this nation. I'm willing to accept my responsibility. Just because I've fought something with all my strength doesn't it's not my fault that it happened. It's all our faults. I'm a liberal. It takes a village"

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