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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Gadflyer: Fly Trap: "Coleman seemed unfamiliar with the American mode of interviewing this president, in which he throws a pile of crap at you � the laughable assertion that he doesn�t pay attention to polls, for instance, or the time-tested ploy of meaningless tautology ('My job is to do my job') � and you reply, 'Thank you sir, may I have another?'
(In case you think I overstate, at his press conference just before launching the Iraq war, one hard-nosed reporter asked, 'As the nation is at odds over war, with many organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus pushing for continued diplomacy through the U.N., how is your faith guiding you? And what should you tell America or what should America do collectively as you instructed before 9/11? Should it pray?' Naturally, Bush replied, 'I appreciate that question a lot.')
But the really interesting thing is what happened next. A less-than-fawning interview must, of course, be punished. So the White House cancelled a previously scheduled RTE interview with Laura Bush, then lodged a complaint with the Irish embassy. And who says they�re thin-skinned!"

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