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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Yahoo! News Message Boards Politics News: "THE CHIMPS ACHIEVEMENTS!!!!
by: slutbushtwins (46/M/South Pasadena, CA) 07/31/04 05:57 pm
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He took the Clinton economy, which had the longest sustained growth in American history, the lowest unemployment in American history, the most powerful economy in world history, the largest surplus in American history, and in the space of his first 6 months in office, gave us the highest unemployment since the depression, the worst economy since the dismal reagan years, the longest negative growth since the depression, the largest deficits in American history, the most stock market crashes since the depression(42), and all of this by August of 2001.
Then in April of 2001 he went on the longest vacation in American presidential history , and got got caught asleep at the wheel on 9/11( when his vacation eneded)....and in between colluded with Enron, El Paso Energy, Reliant, etc. to bilk California and the west out of 40 billion during the phoney energy crisis of 2001, lied to get us into a war, then gave his buddies like Halliburton and other contributors full reign in Iraq, whenre his henchmen have ripped off taxpayers to the tune of 3 billion more dollars.
Yup...I dont think Kerry can match those achievements. "

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