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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Engadget: Robots - "Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Charmed Labs releases Xport and Bluetooth module >
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Our pals over at Charmed Labs have released the Xport. The Xport Robot Controller (XRC) turns the Game Boy Advance and standard LEGO components into an advanced robot development system. Best of all, you can add Bluetooth now.
The Bluetooth module is an add on.
�Class 1� radio with 100 meter range
Up to 200 Kbps continuous, error-free datarate
Integrated chip antenna
Low power (55 mA typical)
Small (0.8� x 1.2�)
We�ll be trying this out soon and will post anything cool we come up with. We welcome our LEGO driven Bluetooth connected robot overlords.
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Monday, June 21, 2004

Robots to patrol the Gaza Strip >
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Scattered amidst an article on the Gaza Strip are plans for a new kind of border defense. The Israelis are apparently considering turning it into a giant video game, using remote control patrol cars and computerized observation posts that spot and kill attackers all on their own. They even pick out the best weapon to use. Maybe it�s just us, but this seems to be coming kinda close to Skynet territory. Sure, removing more people from harm�s way is a good thing but what about the first farmer who gets blown to bits when the computer thinks the goat he�s leading is a suicide bomb?
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Sony prepares to make the Qrio smarter than us >
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According to the Nikkei newspaper, Sony�s next project for its little Qrio robot is to up its brainpower to near-supercomputer levels. Given its size, it doesn�t co"

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