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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Disclosing Borderline Personality Disorder to an Undiagnosed Spouse, by Kathi Stringer: "Identity Expansion
There is a second reason, however that may keep a treater from disclosing a diagnosis. Lets say for example through discussion with the treater it is agreed the client meets the minimum of 5 of the 9 symptoms for Borderline Personality Disorder [1]. Now lets say the client suffers from confusion and is lacking identity. Now we have a troubled client that is relived to meet the newly official diagnostic criteria to open a pathway toward individuality (upgrades to identity). Of course the client is excited to learn more about herself and studies all of the symptoms for a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Through research the client finds there are 4 more symptoms that she has managed to keep �in check� but now realizes she has some latitude, a more extensive range to express her newly discovered identity. It is as though she has received a license to be complete, however maladaptive that may be. The reasoning maybe, �An maladaptive identity is better then no identity at all.� Now we have a treater that is frustrated with the extra symptoms that the client had previously been able to manage. So now what? Lets look at a few other items first and find out what a �disordered� diagnosis amounts too.

does not facilitate treatment to tell

A diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder can provide an identity for those lost in emptiness and therefore may increase the symptoms

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