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Friday, April 22, 2005

SBC Yahoo! DSLGood morning from a 2 day hangover. Going through hell here. Sympathy encouraged. It'd be nice if the fog would lift. Yet there will be hell to pay when it does. Once more I've become a man of extremes. No balance, no center, no me. No train of thought here, Just random revelations. I'm so useless I could cry. I'm not leading anywhere. The only thing I'm working out is a blankness in my head. I'm trapped and alll I got is time. At what point does a hangover become withdrawal? Has part of me still not left the party? Lots of questions, no information to speak of. Guess I'll just keep on keepin' on. It' seither that or go back to the party. Like Harvey Firestein says,"I just want to be loved. Is that so bad?" The question is the best way to go about it.
spoiledbyu20002000 left the room
matthew_thompson45: sentence structure has nothing to do with content if it's not there it's not there
playing_in_the_snakepit_20000: oh well, if I flunk, i COULD always use my exam notes for paper hats

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