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Thursday, April 07, 2005

SBC Yahoo! DSLhey Rhonda
cat00012000: You here?
cat00012000: I guess I should just sit here and amuse myself
cat00012000: Let's see How could I do that?
cat00012000: MMMMMMMMMMM(thiinking)
cat00012000: I know. I'll kill myself
cat00012000: Let's see how could I do it?
cat00012000: I always used to use my perscription to overdose with
cat00012000: Lately I've been experimenting with car exhaust
cat00012000: I hear over in Japan it's real big to light a charcoal grill inside a car. The grill produces CO just like the exhaust
cat00012000: Oh well, I'm really not up for it this morning.
cat00012000: I guess I'll live out the day
cat00012000: Compared to dying it might not be that bad of a day
cat00012000: It sure is lonely in here
cat00012000: If this was a suicide now would anybody see it?
cat00012000: Would anybody care?
cat00012000: Why do I wonder about these things?
cat00012000: They say I have a borderline pesonality
cat00012000: I never individuated as a child and still havenn't to this day.
cat00012000: Of course if you don't as a child it's probably pretty impossible as an adult.
cat00012000: My whole Identity is based on fighting authority
cat00012000: Really I want to kill myself in order to get my parents attention
cat00012000: Kinda wierd , huh??
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