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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wired News: The Toy Will Bring You Joy: "Once the phone finds The Toy, you're ready to roll. The vibrator responds to text messages as long as they start with '.toy' followed by a space. I followed the directions exactly and sent my first message: '.toy Hi baby.'"

Toy is intended for use when you're away from your partner, whether you're traveling or just going to the office. "Imagine leaving for work, The Toy in place," the manufacturer's copywriter gushes. "Imagine the thrill of receiving a message. Imagine the hunger for that first one

No man wants to pleasure his partner long-distance all day, only to find her nerves deadened and her response exhausted when he joins her in bed at night!

As for connecting the vibration to SMS, it's brilliant. Not because each character in the message can trigger 45 possible vibration effects, but because of the attention required to set off those effects. Each incoming message tells a woman that her partner is thinking about her, and imagining her in a sexual way. Each message communicates that he finds her desirable and sexy.

By evening, she's likely to be feeling amorous from the erotic interaction and the naughtiness of it all. And, of course, aware of her vagina.

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