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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Yahoo! News Message Boards World News: "So here is how it will play out in Iraq

The conservative Shiites, who Bush is backing, will try to gather as much power, weakening the Sunnis and Kurds and making a grab for a Islamic (As opposed to an Arab) state... much like there is in Iran.

The Sunnis will resist as will the less conservative Shiites, so it will be a civil war... defacto if not in name. The Kurds will sit on the sidelines defending themselves if attacked but waiting for a chance to split off from the fractured state and become independent.

That will anger the Turks, which is a whole other story...

And for all of this we get to blame Bush. The situation was stable under Saddam and it certainly is not now...That is not to say Saddam was a good guy, he wasn't, and the US knew that when they installed him, but he knew enough about the people to be able to keep things stable. (See background here: ) "

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