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Friday, December 09, 2005

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Muslim leaders warn of 'crisis': "The Mecca Declaration, read out at the end of the summit's final session, warned of the dangers of Islamic extremism.
'The Islamic nation is in a crisis. This crisis does not reflect on the present alone, but also on its future and the future of humanity at large,' it said.
'We need decisive action to fight deviant ideas because they are the justification of terrorism. We are determined to fight terrorism in all its forms.'
The member states promised to change laws to criminalise the financing and incitement of terrorism.
'Islam is the religion of moderation. It rejects extremism and isolation. There is a need to confront deviant ideology where it appears, including in school curricula. Islam is the religion of diversity and tolerance,' the statement added.
'Irreversible' pledges "

The Organisation of the Islamic Conference statement urges decisive action to fight "deviant ideas".

The meeting in the holy Muslim city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia called for changes in national laws to criminalise financing and incitement of terrorism.

It also called for new school curricula to purge extremist ideas.

The declaration also said that fatwas, or Islamic religious edicts, must only be issued by those who are authorised to do so.

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