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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Honda�s ASIMO robot gets an upgrade and a new job - Robots - "Honda�s new version of their ASIMO humanoid robot is selling out and going to work for the man. After pulling crossing guard duty and being a general bohemian, ASIMO has been upgraded to handle office work with his new �total control system� that allows him to pull receptionist duty, act as an information guide, or do delivery service. They�ve also improved his walking abilities, allowing him to walk in sync with someone hand in hand, run in a circle, and reach the crazy speed of 3.7MPH. But if things don�t work out for him with these new levels of responsibility, ASIMO can always go back to being a bum, and is now even capable of pushing a cart full of his belongings, allowing him to really embrace the lifestyle we know he was made for."

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