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Monday, December 12, 2005

Keeping Up With the Gateses - Newsweek Society - "It helps to have $30 billion in assets, of course, but enormity isn't the only thing that distinguishes this enterprise. As anyone shadowing the Gateses quickly discovers, the foundation is no less a business than the corporation that spawned it. 'The benefactors,' as they're known in the 'MBM' (the traveling staff's minute-by-minute itinerary) see themselves not as donors but as entrepreneurs in search of good investments. 'We're not giving money away,' Gates says. 'We're working on world health, and we're working with an incredible bank account. The science we're pursuing is just as fun, and just as fascinating, as software development.'"

Dec. 19, 2005 issue - Next time you visit Dhaka, Bangladesh, consider having Bill and Melinda Gates along. When the couple arrived in the city last week, its traffic-choked streets became 60mph thoroughfares lined by curious masses and secured by rooftop sharpshooters. The airport operated at the convenience of the entourage, and the government arranged to have the tarmac festooned with huge portraits and a welcome sign reading LONG LIVE BILL AND MELINDA GATES!

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