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Saturday, August 02, 2003

another lesson can be derived from the images. "I think that publishing the photos showed the extent of brutality of the American troops," he said.
"America condemned the display of its soldiers who were taken as prisoners of war and American soldiers who were killed during the US invasion of Iraq on grounds that the act [by the former Iraqi regime] violated the Geneva Convention," said a 69- year-old consultant engineer who asked to remain anonymous

"America fumed at the display of a few soldiers killed during the US war on Iraq. How then should we feel when two symbols of a former regime are murdered and then put on display in such a humiliating way? That Uday and Qusay were despotic is absolutely no justification for the US murder -- otherwise what would courts be for?"

"The US was afraid that a trial would reveal embarrassing facts against America."

"It's ridiculous when a superpower like America uses all those helicopters, tanks and no less than 200 Special Forces soldiers to kill four people, including a child, and even rejoices in the act as a victory," scoffed Salah Gabr, a university professor. "It just shows how cowardly Americans are; they were actually too frightened to engage in a real battle with three almost unarmed men."

"Gloating over corpses is not my idea of behaviour characteristic of a civilised people. You can't claim to be fighting in the name of freedom and act in such a manner."

"Where is the UN?" exclaimed Riham angrily. "And where are human rights organisations? Why is everybody keeping silent? The US is declaring itself the only power in the world, portraying itself as an angel and everyone else as devils." Al-Ahram Weekly | Egypt | Disgusting display

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