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Friday, August 20, 2004

Google Search%3A: "I lived with my mother for 17%0D%0Ayears. She was very emotionally abusive and she was *very*%0D%0Aunpredictable. When she would arrive home%2C I never knew the mood she%0D%0Awould be in. I narrowed her different moods into about four distict%0D%0Aones.%0D%0AOne was angry and abusive. I was a demonic person%2C manipulative and a%0D%0Abitch. Another I was to her an angel. Perfect%2C smart%2C beautiful%2Cetc.%0D%0AAnother I was treated like a little girl. It was enough to make you%0D%0Apuke--she would sweet talk and act as if I were five years old. The%0D%0Alast I was to her friend%2C and she would tell me problems with work or%0D%0Ahusband%2C etc%2C forgetting my age. This was the time when I saw her%0D%0Ablack%2Fwhite perspective emerge.%0D%0A%0D%0ASorry to ramble on%2C I forgot how wonderful it was to tell someone else a%0D%0Abit about my crazy mother."

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