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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Wired News: Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders: ", one of the most popular blogs on the Net, has been accused of selling out -- joining a growing list of new-media outfits willing to bend old-media rules.
According to a veteran new-media publisher, Fark has been selling preferential placement of story links without informing its readers.

Today's the Day. Jason Calacanis, publisher of several rival Weblogs Inc. blogs, claims Fark offered him highly placed links to his sites in return for several hundred dollars.
'I was shocked because I had come to trust the brand, and the person behind it,' Calacanis said. 'Anything that is an advertisement should be labeled as an advertisement. This is not rocket science.'
Calacanis said he didn't know how many links on Fark are paid for, or how long Fark has been selling them. But he said a Fark salesman told him the site does it 'all the time.'
'We don"This is the future on tv and print

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