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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Borderpd : Message: Re: [Borderpd] Tessa - DBT: "Those with bpd see everything in black and white
with no grey or middle area, so everything is either good or bad, nothing is
ever just ok, the group tries to teach ways to change this thinking and to
handle life situations with others etc in a more effective way. Behavioural
therapy is about learning skills and solving problems. Borderline group teaches
skills to tolerate distress, regulate emotions and become more effective in
realationships and to be mindful. Mindfulness is just concerntrating on one
thing at a time, most borderlines like me have a lot of trouble concertrating or
doing just one thing at a time i know ican be trying to do 5
things at once and my head gets all mixed up so
its just like if you are reading a book then read the book and not anything
else, not letting your mind wonder off, hope this helps a bit"

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