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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Schizophrenia and the Borderline Personality Disorder: "The first to give the term borderline formal status was a psychiatrist by the name of Stern, who in 1938 outlined the characteristics of a group of office patients as, to quote him �too ill for classical analysis.� That is another person who could not see the patients as being neurotic and/or psychotic, but had to make a different category because these patients were not candidates for classical analysis. Some of the characteristics he stated were narcissism, hypersensitivity, and negative therapeutic reactions, which means that the patients reacted to interpretations as if they were unloved or not important enough or not worthwhile considering"I can see in his findings that the patient’s viewed the analytic interpretations as a method of prying him/her loose from the therapist and of the secondary gains in this symbiotic attachment with the therapist. There are some who hold there is such a condition as borderline schizophrenia.
I see the character disorder as an acquired defensive system to protect the basic condition which has become a lifestyle or survival mechanism for the schizophrenic and also the borderline

According to Margaret Mahlers ideas about symbiosis in the normal, symbiosis leads to separation and indivuation in the early part of the infant’s life. However, in the borderline condition the fear of loss of detachment create an intolerable anxiety which inhibits or prevents indivuation. Compare this to the schizophrenic. They may see attachments as life menacing and they all have a terror of annihilation.

Poor impulse control is another feature of the borderline condition, and also the schizophrenic. In therapy, this is expressed by projection which puts the blame on the therapist for all the wrong doings and harmful things during the course of the patient’s life in the past and at the present time.

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