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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bus driver accused of running marathons while collecting workers comp - By Terri Morgan - Sentinel Correspondent - January 8, 2006: "So when inspectors at the Santa Cruz County District Attorney's office learned that bus driver Johnny Chavarria, 57, allegedly completed the Big Sur Marathon while receiving thousands of dollars in funds from workers' compensation, they grew suspicious."

He was arrested Friday and is charged with fraud and grand theft following an investigation into the injury claim he filed in June 2003.
"You can't run marathons if you are not well enough to drive a Metro bus," said District Attorney Bob Lee. "It's not just wrong; it's criminal."
Chavarria began receiving payments from the fund after being rated at "temporary total disabled," and he continued receiving payments until he returned to work in July 2004, according to the District Attorney's Offi

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