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Thursday, February 19, 2004 - Table of Contents page: "The Boston Globe reports on a new analysis by the Project on Defense Alternatives, that takes the Pentagon to task for refusing to discuss, or make any public effort to tally, civilian casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. The report terms the tactic 'casualty agnosticism,' which it says is an effort 'to sink the whole issue of war casualties in an impenetrable murk of skepticism.'
'To talk about the price of the Iraq war strictly in terms of U.S. casualties and tax dollars is an obscenity,' writes Naomi Klein. 'Yes, Americans were lied to by their politicians. Yes, they are owed answers. But the people of Iraq are owed a great deal more, and that enormous debt belongs at the very centre of any civilized debate about the war.'"

A reporter describes a scene at the Daytona 500: "Then Bush's motorcade drove by. One middle finger went up in the crowd, then another, and soon they were everywhere

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