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Sunday, February 01, 2004

The New York Times: Thomas L. Friedman (Forum/Message Board): "infomaniac8 - February 1, 2004

To me Mr. Friedman brings up an interesting question. What really is america's role in the world? Perhaps conservatives are determining that role for us by reducing us to third world status. I can see where they could feel entitled to do so. I mean conservatives consist mainly of those who work at accumulating wealth. If they don't choose to pass it on to future generations then shouldn't that be their choice? They could be doing the world a favor. What has america really done for the world? We are so full of ourselves anymore that we couldn't recognize a good deed if smacked us in the face. I don't mean to be despondent here. I'm just saying this could all be for the best and is as it should be. Sure the poor are going to hurt more. I've often thought that one of the things that hurts america's poor the most however is its cruel hoax of upward mobility. Yeah, you can strike it rich. You can win the lottery too. Your odds are just a little longer. The greatest social advancements america undertook were during the great depression. Unfortunately it also caused the second world war.

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