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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Media Whores Online: "During Thursday's Rush Limbaugh show, Rush was attempting to convince a gay caller that the only reason gay people got married was for 'the fringe benefits' (specifically, favorable tax recognition as a married couple, the ability to see one's partner when he or she was in the hospital, health care benefits, etc.)

Rush then stated to the caller that men and women don't get married for those reasons 'unless they're John Kerry, Heh, Heh, Heh.'

Setting aside the brazen lunacy of taking marital observations, much less advice from a two-time loser in the 'I Do' Derby, I realized that his generalization fails the laugh test.

Consider, if you will, the story of a divorced single mother with several children who is making ends meet working as an aerobics instructor in Florida. In her free time, she meets an older, bulbuos, twice-divorced admitted loner millionaire living in New York via the Internet. Meetings occur, courtship and marriage ensue. Looks like she cashed in on the fringe benefits!!

WOOPS!! That's the story of Rush's third and current marriage.

Lynn Greeley"

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