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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Media Whores Online: "Mrs. Howard Kurtz: McCain Not a Real Republican
Mrs. Howard Kurtz and Chris Matthews discuss the latest Bush cover-up (appointing members of the commission charged with examining the misuse of intelligence 'intelligence failures'):
CHRIS MATTHEWS: It�s not credible he picks the commission, is it?

SHERI ANNIS, REPUBLICAN MEDIA STRATEGIST: Well, it�s credible because he basically wants to say. 'I�m going to be able to talk about this no matter what. I'm going to�I'm taking charge here.' He doesn't want to say, 'I�m leaving this to someone else.' He wants to show he�s leading this.

MATTHEWS: Leading what? The cover up?

ANNIS: He will describe it obviously as not a cover up. If McCain gives him a lot of cover. That�s his�I think McCain is actually most of his cover. Even though he�s Republican.

MATTHEWS: But isn�t the usual way to pick a bipartisan commission is to let the other party pick their share of the commission? That�s how it becomes bipartisan.

ANNIS: That�s how�But with McCain there, it�s seemingly bipartisan.

MATTHEWS: But he's a Republican.

ANNIS: But he's not a real Republican."

These people have actually become warped. How have they gotten this way?

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