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Saturday, September 17, 2005

� Lukas, the robot that removes weeds | Emerging Technology Trends | "The robot functions with the aid of computerized image processing. An infrared camera is installed on the robot to read the rows. The images are processed using a specially developed computer program that in turn steers the robot�s wheels and weeding tool.
Within the rows, the robot distinguishes between crop and weeds with the aid of another camera, which takes color images, and a program that analyzes the color and form of the plants. This method works extremely well under certain conditions, but the system is susceptible to differences in the appearance of crops. The appearance can differ considerably within a field and can be influenced by factors such as rain, wind, and diseases.
With these constraints, Lukas is not completely ready to be marketed. But it could help farmers in a few years. The number of jobs in manual weed control would be reduced, but higher educational level jobs would be created to handle the robots � and to build them."

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