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Monday, September 26, 2005


You ask me what has changed. Everything and nothing. The internet has changed thingsa lot for me. No longer am I stuck with a single opinion. I used to go to the University library and just start opening up books like I was going to run across my problem through sheer luck. I still wonder about Borderlines as a whole, however. Are we just a blip in time, or are the things that combined to cause us the kind of the things that will demand to be dealt with.? There are as many different types of borderlines as there are people. Some are very hard to deal with. Some aren't. Will our problems bring to light new truths about human beings in general? How long will it take? Will some other problem come along and make ours irrelevant? I feel like we are just at the beginning of something. I want to make use of the resourses available to us. I think maybe the biggest change is that no longer is a mental patient "fixed". Instead they go through changes like anyone else. Maybe that's just a change in in the way I personally look at it and not everyone in general. I feel like Dialectical Behavior therapy is a terrific breakthrough, but it is just a first step and barely scratches the surface. I guess all this is suppose to be a journey not a destination. I really appreciate you contacting me. I feel like people like me and you can know my true self in a way others can only guess at. I'm going to close now and hope you'll write again.
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