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Monday, September 26, 2005

Subject: I take Abilify too
I was told that 20 mg. is the standard dose. I only started out on 5
however. I usually get manic when I start a new medication. I had one
doctor refer to it as start up trauma. The state of Missouri canceled
my medicaid due to budget cuts so now I will have to go to the
Veterans hospital (I'm a vietnam vet). So right now I'm between
doctors and doing very fine thank you. I don't know how long I'll
this way, but I hate seeing a doctor before I have to. Eventually
have to go, but it will be my choice. In a way I feel it is a little
like begging. "Please Doctor, help me?!?" It's not like they could
ever do that much for me anyway. I really wasted a lot of time
thinking that I should put my faith in them. Anymore I have a lot
experience in taking pills than they have in prescribing them. Thank
God the old doctors are retired, or we would still be getting ECT.


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