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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Robot uncovers $10 billion treasure - Robots - "Chilean robot �Arturito,� who made his bones, literally, by finding a dead man�s bones, has now taken on the decidedly less-altruistic task of treasure hunting. Seemingly little more than a modified metal detector, Arturito was unleashed on Chile�s Robinson Crusoe island (pictured above) where he stumbled across about 600 barrels of buried gold coins and jewels, presumably looted from the Incans during the Spanish occupation. The hunters� lawyer estimates the treasure to be valued at around $10 billion (our lawyer tells us that Engadget has a similar valuation), and promises that it will be donated to non-profit organizations (although the Chilean government says you can�t donate what you don�t own; way to flex that eminent domain muscle, guys). Expect GoldenPalace to develop their own �treasurebot� that scours eBay for even more grilled cheese sandwiches, beat-up old cars, and celebrity pregnancy tests.
[Via The Raw Feed]"

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