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Thursday, September 29, 2005

SBC Yahoo! Mail - "Subject:[borderline personality central] Reply to several of today's messages

I've only read the first three or four messages , but they all
ring so true that I feel compelled to write a message. I can't tell
how to reply to an individual message yet. Hopefully I'll figure it
out soon. I have to wonder if they just didn't understand BPD until
now or what the problem was. I think there must be a million ways of
looking at it. I think it used to be terrible to get a diagnosis of
BPD because it meant you should be shunned. I guess it doesn't
matter much anymore what they used to think, but I would be
interested what anybody understands it used to be like. From what I
gather they used to withhold the diagnosis from you supposedly for
your own good. There's such a thing as identity expansion which
basically means you live down to your diagnosis or something like
that. Also there was the theory that there wasn't anything that
could be done about it so it wasn't considered necessary to tell you
that you had it. One of the few times anyone bothered to give me a
diagnosis was when I was told I had atypical manic depression,
atypical because I didn't have any kind of regular cycle. Another
time, many, many years ago when I was being treated by a doctor that
used transactional analysis I was told that I had an over adaptive
child. I never could get him to tell me what that meant. I always
felt the desire to hurt myself was a symtom of depression. It's only
now that I understand somewhat what it really means.


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