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Saturday, September 17, 2005

What we are talking about here is the ethical obligation someone
has. I am 54 years old and only recently figured out what has
haunted me throughout my life. I'm been in treatment since the late
sixties. No one would ever tell me what was wrong with me. I thought
it was because they didn't know. Maybe they didn't. Maybe I wasn't
forthcoming enough for anyone to tell. I doubt it. It was just the
way the disorder was treated. I still wonder what my life would
have been like if I would have been diagnosed sooner, but coulda,
shoulda, woulda. I know there are two sides to everything so there's
some good in not being told. I guess I am still a little bewildered
as to what this all means. I have drifted through life and now live
in isolation. Are there reasons for wishing you didn't know what
was wrong with you? I guess there are. I just don't know them yet.
There's an old saying if you don't have anything good to say don't
say anything. Maybe doctors use that a lot. Again it goes back to
whether there is an ethical obligation to tell or notYahoo! Groups : borderlinepersonality2 Post Message

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