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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The Associated Press: " the United Nations said only 11 percent of the planned 430-mile chain of walls, razor wire and ditches will actually follow the 'Green Line,' the invisible frontier between Israel and the West Bank.
The barrier will ultimately disrupt the lives of 680,000 Palestinians and carve off 14.5 percent of the West Bank, Israel needs a law separating church and state. I'm afraid it will a long time getting one. There will be grave repercussions until it does get one. I feel sorry for the Israelis, but I have come to despise them at the same time for the what they have done to the palistininians. Men shouldn't treat animals so cruelly. Arafat has been very corrupt no doubt, but the Israelis have acted stupidly beyond belief. These people are causing themselves unbelieveable misery. They have been traumatized by the nazis and now they can't let go of it. It is all so sad, and it is enveloping the rest of the earth

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