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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Newsweek Front Page 9:11 AM ET Sunday, November 09, 2003: "Should the occupation of Iraq be handed over to a NATO force?
* 588 responses
No. The U.S. military will finish the job
Yes. The whole effort will gain new legitimacy
Only if the force is led by a U.S. commander
14%"I guess this shows how far out of the mainstream I am. The idea that three fourths of americans want the U.S. in charge means people are still unbelieveably gung ho. I guess it's my responsibility to adapt. George Bush is probably going to be reelected. I can hope that he isn't, but he probably will be.
I see technology changing the world. I worry however that this technology will cause harm as well as good. It seems like we need to get all social problems taken care of first. So the more bad things that can happen now before we get the ability to really screw ourselves up the better. I guess I really ought to be a conservative then! Ha! We have been dealing with abortion for twenty years. Will it never end? But the fact is the more we fight the more we learn about how to get along with each other. The earlier we learn the less harm we will be able to do with each other. Yeah we already have nuclear weapons, but these are serving to warn us what is to come. Also we are learning how it works. It looks bad for a while then it gets better. Are we destined to survive? Probably.

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