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Thursday, November 13, 2003

New Scientist: " The ships are the first if 13 ageing hulks that supposed to be dismantled at the UK's Hartlepool shipyard by Able UK Ltd.
However, the company's waste management licence to dispose of the ships has been ruled invalid. Furthermore, even if they do dock, an injunction against any work other than safety work being carried was granted by the High Court to three Hartlepool residents and FoE on Wednesday.
The dilapidated vessels, which have languished in the James River, Virginia for decades, hold hundreds of tons of asbestos, oil and the gender-bending chemicals PCBs. Bringing them to the UK is 'extremely hazardous and poses serious pollution threat' says FoE.
'The Government agrees that the law requires the ships to be returned to the US,' said Margaret Beckett, the UK environment secretary, on Thursday. She adds that while the UK government would prefer the ships to return home, it might be impractical for the two nearing the UK."

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