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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Bill to Ease Imports of Less Expensive Drugs Gains in House: "The fliers, based on a legal memorandum drafted by the trade group, are sent specifically to conservatives who support the reimportation measure. One shows a baby and states that if the drug importation bill passes, abortion pills 'may become as easy to get as aspirin" I find these people exceptionally disgusting. It is very hard to see their side of things. They are like dictators that are falling from power. However, they probably feel like they built up their industry only to lose it to liberal do-gooders

The Gutknecht bill estimates that widespread drug importation could reduce average drug prices in the United States by 35 percent and drug spending by $635 million over 10 years. If passed, the bill could wreck the industry's carefully constructed worldwide pricing systems.

manufacturers now worried that their success in the marketplace had become a political liability in Congress.

"There's this sense on the Hill that the industry is too rich for its own good," the lobbyist said.

drug prices in the United States were 67 percent higher than those in Canada and about twice those of Italy and France,

The drug industry now gets more than half of its worldwide revenues from American consumers

Daniel Vasella, chief executive of the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis. "Importing from countries with a different drug review and approval process and regulated prices undermines the foundation of the American economy

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