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Monday, July 14, 2003

Race Divides Hispanics, Report Says ( "White Hispanics, the report said, have more economic power: Their median household income is $39,900, about $5,000 more than the median income of black Hispanic households and about $2,500 more than Hispanics who say they are some other race.
But black Hispanics are better-educated: They average nearly 12 years of education, compared with 11 for white Hispanics and 10 for the 'other race' group. Despite their education, black Hispanics have 12 percent unemployment, compared with 8 percent for white Hispanics and about 10 percent for Hispanics who say they are neither race." Face it. We are going to learn a lot about human nature before we ever begin to figure out the effects of our cultural attitudes about race. Different cultures have had different rates of advancement. Is that elitist to say? I like the idea of white studies. There is a lot to understand here. How people with more education can make less money is beyond common sense. Does that make any sense?

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