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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Robot Store (HK) -- Mechanical Parts, motor drivers, DC motors, servos, stepper motor, tiny motor: "SERVO-Standard (1 PC) -- Standard Futaba Servo --US$15.00

Dimension: 40.4 x 19.8 x 36mm
Weight: 44.4g
Output torque:

SERVO-High Torque (1 SET) -- Extra High Torque Servo --US$80.00

Dimension: 1.13" x 2.33" x 1.96" (Width x Length x Height)
Weight: 4.41oz
Output torque: 292 oz.-in

COPAL-Gearhead Motor (1 PC) -- 6-9V gearhead DC motor --US$13.50

STEPPER-Motor-5V(1 PC) -- 5V to 12V 5-lead unipolar stepper motor --US$9.50

DRIVER-PC STEPPER (Fully Assembled and Tested)-- Two Stepper Motor Driver by PC ...US$55.00

Use the parallel port of your PC to drive 2 Unipolar stepper motors. Software and C source code are provided. The PCB fits into RS232 plastic case (provided with the kit). A theory of controlling stepper motor is also presented. Detailed assembly instructions included. Great for PC controlled applications.Works great with our stepper motor.

An Intelligent Robot Builder ...

We are an Authorized distributor of MIT Handyboard System and Expansion Board developed by Dr. Fred Martin of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab with a Licensed Interactive-C development tool for Handyboard and LEGO RCX.

OOPIC is also a great controller board for robotic applications. We are an Authorized distributor of Savage Innovations 's OOPIC (OOPIC II, OOPIC-II Plus, OOPIC-R). Check with our special OOPIC packages.

OOPIC-R is available now!

We have large collection of parts for Science Projects

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