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Friday, July 25, 2003

There’s a scary lesson in these contests between the grandmaster and his soulless opponents. We are sharing our world with another species, one that gets smarter and more independent every year. Though some people scoff at the idea that machines could become autonomous, remember it wasn’t long ago that almost no one thought a computer would ever beat a human chess champion. Could we ever face anything akin to the horrendous sci-fi nightmares that we see in “Terminator 3”? In the long run, it’s well worth worrying about. But the machines aren’t worried at all.
Machine vs. Man: Checkmate: "he made a glaring mistake. And it suddenly became obvious that when computers and humans compete, it’s really not the same game at all. Kasparov was devastated in a way that an unfeeling machine never would be. Worse, having yielded the advantage, he had no hope—as he would have against a human—that his well-programmed opponent might make its own mistake and let him back in the game. The realization paralyzed even the great Kasparov, and it haunted him for the rest of the match. "

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