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Thursday, July 24, 2003

The Smirking Chimp: "Re: Computer voting is open to easy fraud, experts say (Score: 1)
by CC1 ( on Thursday, July 24 @ 12:17:35 EDT
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The Left is slitting its own throat here from both sides. There is a scandal here all right. It's the scandal of denying people easy access to the polls. The right steals elections by denying people the right to vote or by screwing up the ballots. It is the conservatives that want to make it hard for people to vote. The idea that they are going to steal elections through fraud by machines just plays right into their hands. They always used to try to make it hard to register. The harder it was to register the better chance the minority has to rule. If it was easy enough to vote Democrats would win a hell of a lot more. Republicans like to make it hard to vote. They have a section at the Free Republic complaining about how easy it is for Democrats to win by fraud. The hard part about elections is the idea that the ballot has to be kept secret. There is always going to be a trade off between secrecy and validity. Republicans don't even like people to be able to vote absentee. Face it, it is easier for the rich to get to the polls than it is for the poor. It ought to be easier to vote, not harder! We ought to vote on more issues not fewer. The law in my state, Missouri, makes it difficult to vote absentee. Guess who that favors? The left is really shooting itself in the foot on this issue. There is fraud going on all right. It is the fraud concerning turn out. The harder it is to vote the lower the turn out. The lower the turn out, the more Republicans. If it was easy enough to vote that everyone did this would be a much, much better country contrary to what they say over at the Free Republic. Republicans have the money, but Democrats have the votes. Make"

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