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Saturday, July 26, 2003

"The FBI … did not inform policymakers of the extent of terrorist activity in the United States Former National Security Advisor Berger has testified that the FBI assured him that there was little radical activity in the United States and that this activity was 'covered.' Although the FBI conducted many investigations, these pieces were not fitted into a larger picture." (Page 245)

Louis Freeh's animus toward the White House. … No one outside the Bureau could acquire any sense of the scope of FBI knowledge on a particular issue. The White House could not know what it did not know, so the gravity of the problem could not be assessed. For the NSC staff working on counterterrorism, this was crippling—but how crippling was also something they could not know. Every day a hundred or more reports from the CIA, DIA, the National Security Agency, and the State Department would be waiting in their computer queues when they got to work. There was never anything from the FBI.

The Age of Sacred Terror

Freeh simply realized that his true constituency wasn't the White House but the Republican (and passionately anti-Clinton) Congress, which wrote his budgetFreeh At Last? - Sorry, Louis, but Congress' 9/11 report doesn't vindicate you. By Timothy Noah: "The report is scathing on the lack of preparedness at all the intelligence agencies, not just the FBI. But among all those who ran these agencies during the months and years immediately prior to the Sept. 11 attacks"

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