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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

This is somewhat what I was blogging about previously. It's always the opposite of what you think is going to happen. As far as this particular instance I saw a post recently that attacked the right wing slant of Google. Yet Blogdex seems to be slanted left. Go figure. I guess there is more right wing content and left wing readers. The New York Times has been attacked unmercifully recently. I guess it's another case of , "Be glad when you are persecuted."En Guardian!: " �We�re bringing the Guardian to America. We�re going to publish an American version.�
It struck me first that�even given the Guardian�s campus chic-ness�the U.S. has never been less receptive to the European point of view than it is now. By any measure, to be successful in the U.S. news business is to be staunch, patriotic, defensive. It�s Fox or bust. And it struck me even more forcefully that beyond the difficulties of liberalness, the prospects for literate media�the Guardian being a writer�s paper�were, as everybody knew, nil."

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