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Thursday, July 10, 2003

The Washington Times -- America's Newspaper: ".

Mexican lawmaker sees voting in U.S.
Manuel de la Cruz, the first U.S. citizen ever to win a seat in Mexico's Congress, has a modest platform — to make the United States of America a Mexican electoral district."
nearly 20 percent of all Mexicans live in the United States

This is the kind of change that always should be expected - the unexpected. This is also a way towards one world government. You know there are a lot of wingnuts going crazy right now. I truly love it. (I must be a wingnut too, then!)
I best admit it then. I want big changes and lots of them as fast as possible. I've seen it written that liberalism is a mental illness. If it is then conservatism is a hate crime. Really political ideology of any kind is a failure to be able to deal with your environment on a one to one basis.

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