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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Someone has a negative view of psychiatry? This is about the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, but it could be about the whole profession. I suppose I should have some sympathy. Mistakes by these people are more the rule than the exception. Still some of they will care for you when by definition no one else knows what to do with youPsychiatric Times: "is a laughingstock for the other medical specialties;
requires continual apologies to primary care doctors, medical students, residents, and the occasional lawyer or judge;
most of our thoughtful colleagues privately rail against;;
insists upon rigid categories that often serve only to confuse and misinform patients and their clinical workers (sometimes abetted by televised drug advertising);
is so intellectually incoherent as to raise eyebrows among the well-educated, critical thinkers in our own psychotherapy clientele;
persuades the world at large that psychiatry no longer has anything of interest to say about the human condition."

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